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Everest Updates – 14th May


Updates from 14th May from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2023 



Sajid Sadpara Team

Sajid Sadpara has summited Mt Everest!

History has been made as 1st Pakistani to be on the top of Everest; Solo, without use of supplemental oxygen & personal sherpa assistance.
It was a dream of his father!


Imagine Nepal

Imagine Nepal has made history by becoming the first international team to reach the Summit of Mount Everest in 2023. The group consisted of five clients from the United Kingdom, Pakistan, the United States, Hungary, and China, along with five Sherpas from Imagine Nepal.

– Ms Naila Kiani from Pakistan became the first international climber to reach the Summit of Mount Everest in 2023. Along with Imagine Nepal’s Sherpa, Mr Pasang Temba Sherpa and Ms Naila reached the Summit at 08:02 am on 14th May 2023. Naila Kiani has previously climbed G-I, G-II, and K2 in Pakistan and recently joined the Everest Expedition after successfully reaching the Summit of the deadly Annapurna last April.

– Ovarian Cancer Survivor Ms Jessica Rae Wedel Reaches Everest Summit at 08:38 am. She climbed the mountain alongside Mr Ang Mingma Sherpa, a Sherpa from Imagine Nepal, who has now summited Everest 15 times. This incredible accomplishment is even more impressive given her battle with ovarian cancer, and we are proud to celebrate her success.

– Pa Dawa Sherpa and Mr Marton Peter Price from Imagine Nepal reached the Summit of Everest at 9:06 am NPT. This Summit is Pa Dawa’s 26th time getting to the Everest Summit, matching the previous record held by fellow climbing guide Kami Rita Sherpa.

– Nadia Azad and Pemba Chhiri Sherpa also successfully summited11:10 am. Nadia Azad climbed Annapurna in April this year with Imagine Nepal’s Annapurna Expedition Team. At the Summit of Everest, she completes her second 8000 meters peak. Next, she will attempt Lhotse and Makalu this season and head to Pakistan to complete 5 8000 meters of mountains in Pakistan this June/July with Imagine Nepal. With this, for Pemba Chhiri, Sherpa makes his 5th Summit.

– Lianhui Chui also summited Mount Everest at 12:25 pm, marking his first 8000 meters ascent. Thundu Sherpa, on the other hand, made his 13th successful ascent of Mount Everest. He holds the Guinness World Record for being the first siblings to have climbed Everest and to climb together most of the 8000 meters mountain.

On May 14, 2023 at 9:06 am NPT, Pasang Dawa Sherpa, also known as Pa Dawa, made history by equalizing the previous record for the most ascents of Mount Everest. At age 46, Pa Dawa successfully climbed the mountain for the 26th time, matching the record held by Kami Rita Sherpa.

Pa Dawa is a renowned climbing guide who works with Imagine Nepal. He was born in Pangboche, a nd has a wife and child.



Imagine Nepal

Marton Peter Price made Manaslu 8163m in 9 days in September 2022 and now he arrived at Everest on 2nd May 2023 and climbed to the summit
today in 12 days. He did one rotation to camp 3 on 5th May.



Suhajda Szilárd

The third and last acclimatization round of Szilárd was successfully completed, during which he reached the height of 7900 meters.

Today, he successfully returned to the base camp and after a few days of rest, trusting in the right weather window, he will start the climb to the summit to be the first Hungarian to reach the highest point on Earth, the 8848 meter peak of Mount Everest, without the use of an oxygen bottle or the use of high mountain cargo barrels.



Kirk Ludwig

A view from base camp up the belly of the beast. Tonight we leave on our summit rotation with a plan to summit on May 19th. Pray for good weather and a safe climb. I’ll be out of touch, likely until the 21st. I’ll have my tracker on if you want to follow our progress




Carlos Canellas has arrived at Field 3, where he will sleep tonight.



Mike King

Been patiently waiting for 41 days, while suffering from Arrested Development for 43 years. We will start our summit rotation tonight with a potential 19th attempt. Subject to change based in wind/temp &/or crowding.



Furtenbach Adventures

Our Everest and Lhotse Team arrived at Camp 2. Everyone is fine and the weather is perfect.



Stefi Troguet

I’m back to Camp2. I spent 1 night at Camp3 (7050m) and today I touched 7350m.



Daniel Laidig

Daniel is at Camp 3, heading to Camp 4 soon and then onto summit the 16th Nepal time… not sure if that will be the 15th or the 16th Indiana time!



Madison Mountaineering

Today more of our climbers arrived back here in base camp (5364m/17,598ft) from their drop back in Namche Bazaar (3440m/11,290ft) where they were resting and recuperating at lower altitude. They had a beautiful flight via helicopter up to Pheriche (4371m/14,340ft), and then on to base camp.

Tomorrow the rest of our climbers, the last four members, will arrive here in base camp, and then we’ll have just a few more days, hopefully, before we start our summit push!

For today, we kept ourselves busy, spent some nice time exercising at altitude by hiking up on the slopes of Pumori (7161m/23,494ft), above base camp. Some of us also went to a point we call “prayer flag point” a little farther down valley, and then walked down past a beautiful alpine lake that’s up there. We came down, had a little bit of snow in the evening and then we’re just wrapping up dinner. It was a great dinner – macaroni and cheese, and steak, and sautéed vegetables, and some fruit cocktail for dessert! We’re just now settling in to watch Mission Impossible for our after dinner movie.

The stars are out, it’s peaceful here in base camp, and all is well!



Climbing The Seven Summits

Our summit teams are at Camp 2 in good weather. There was a bit of snow at base camp and on the lower mountain today but the jet stream has moved away from the mountain bringing less wind and better summit conditions.