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Everest 2023 Updates – 27th April


Updates from 27th April from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2023 

Latest News

A snowstorm approaches the Everest region.



Kilian Jornet

“A great 2 day trip. Two days ago Emelie Forsberg and I started to run from Namche, at Tengboche. She turned to do a longer run and I continued to Everest Base Camp.

Yesterday I went up to above Camp 2, at 6600m and then ran back to Namche.

For the story, my duffel bag hadn’t arrived so yesterday’s trip was without food, a good hypoxia + fatOx syimuli.

For all the trip I used the same shoes, I put a carbon insole in my Tomir’s boots to have the crampons, and removed it for the run back.

One of the things it annoys me the most on expeditions is that often we need to bring a lot of gear, and trying to have more versatile gear, to have less and use more.”


Daniel Laidig

Game time! At 1am tonight we’ll be moving thru the Khumbu Icefall, to Camp 1, then Camp 2, then Camp 3 (23,400ft). After acclimatizing we head back to base camp to rest before doing it all over again for the summit push.



Craig Hunter

Excitement is building as we prepare to climb higher on the mountain! We just received the green light for a major acclimatisation rotation.

Our journey starts with the awesome Khumbu Icefall, and we’ll spend nights at Camp 1 and Camp 2. If successful, we’ll be in a good position for the summit push! Plus, we met some amazing celebrities, Killian Jornet and Aldo Kane!



Suhajda Szilárd

“I successfully returned from my tent, which is my camp 2. at dawn. I spent two nights at 6400 meters and also touched the altitude above 6700 meters – this is the edge of the Lhoce wall, where you can get up relatively quickly from camp 2 on light terrain. Apart from the storm that lasted for a few hours on the 24th, everything went smoothly. When reaching new heights, uncomfortable feeling at night and therefore lack of sleep is typical, but now I will have a couple of days to rest in the base camp. The path of the Khumbu glacier is reportedly longer than last year but looked less threatening, which is really good news! I will write down the events of the past few days in my usual journal posts. Feeling good and looking forward to going on the next round!”



Pega Sherpa

First Rotation : We slept two nights at Camp I, touched Camp II in between and descended back to Base camp.
All is well !!! Looking forward to second rotation in a few days depending on the forecast.

The route has been fixed upto South Col ( Camp IV ) so far.