Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Jornet intensifies Everest preparations


Kilian Jornet continues to entertain and amaze on the mountains.

Earlier this week, he ran from Namche Bazaar to Everest Base Camp. The following morning, he went up to 6,600m (above Camp 2), then ran back to Namche.

He explained the feat here;

“A great 2 day trip. Two days ago Emelie Forsberg and I started to run from Namche, at Tengboche. She turned to do a longer run and I continued to Everest Base Camp.

Yesterday I went up to above Camp 2, at 6600m and then ran back to Namche.

For the story, my duffel bag hadn’t arrived so yesterday’s trip was without food, a good hypoxia + fatOx syimuli.

For all the trip I used the same shoes, I put a carbon insole in my Tomir’s boots to have the crampons, and removed it for the run back.

One of the things it annoys me the most on expeditions is that often we need to bring a lot of gear, and trying to have more versatile gear, to have less and use more.”

You just have to love Kilian!