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Death on Dhaulagiri as Russian Climber falls into crevasse

Russian Female climber Nadya Oleneva has died after a fall into a crevasse on Mt Dhaulagiri.

Her teammates – Roman Abildaev and Radom Kashapov – reported that her GPS showed she had fallen some 500m below standard coordinates.

A report from 15th October on  Mountain RU stated the play of events;

Nadi Oleneva is no longer with us.

Yesterday morning, the guys were acclimatizing along a route, walking one after the other.

Roman Abildaev was the first to arrive at Camp 2, 6680m, and three minutes later Rasim Kashapov arrived.

Five minutes later, Rasim went to see where Nadia was, since she should have been close behind, but was not.

They saw her stick and traces of sliding in the area.

They went 200m down the trail where they saw seraks and an icefall.

The guys packed up and went down to the base camp by nightfall. There was hope that Nadia somehow was able to survive, she had a warm sleeping bag and a first-aid kit in her backpack.

In the morning they flew by helicopter and saw a body.

Friends, it hurts a lot. Highly.

All three climbers were there to attempt Dhaulagiri in an alpine style without using supplemental oxygen.

A further update on 17th October unfortunately revealed an unsuccessful search for the body.

“The Russian Alpine Federation announces the cessation of search and rescue operations on the slopes of Dhaulagiri and expresses deep condolences to relatives, friends and everyone who knew hope closely Oleneva.

“The work was discontinued after attempts at helicopter evacuation due to weather conditions, as well as after the descent of avalanches that caused a change in the snow-ice terrain at the site of the  location of Nadezhda Oleneva.

“For the entire Russian climbing community, this loss of – is a big tragedy. Over the past three days, many friends, colleagues, partners, and pupils of Nadi have followed the events in Dhulagiri. And now you can’t convey in words the whole burden of what happened.”