Tuesday, May 21, 2024
2023 News

Mingma G talks of injuries and loss after Shishapangma disaster


Mingma G has spoken for the first time about his injuries suffered on Shishapangma last week in the incidents that caused the loss of 4 climbers.

“I am now back to my home with fractured skull, coccyx bones dislocation and scratches on body”,  the elite climber reported. “Shishapangma was the last 8000er we were trying and we had two avalanche triggered on 7th October and 4 climbers lost their lives.”

“We were able to find 2 lives and while rescuing them, I met the accident. I had about 150m fall while saving someone and I was lucky I could defend myself from hitting a big rock which could have taken my life. While doing so, I was hit on several other smaller rocks and was stuck in a deep snow.”

“I was given CPR by my brother Dipan Gurung and survived. I am now under medication and recovering well and Ram Kumar Shrestha has been looking after me. This next one month is important and critical says the doctor and I hope I will have better health.”

Speaking of the loss specifically of Anna Gutu and Mingmar Sherpa, Mingma G reflected;

“We spent only few days together but you both left unforgettable impression for ever. We never thought we would lose you guys like this. Your smile, your helping nature and our happiest time together will always recall your memories. We will miss you and always love you both. We pray for your peaceful departure.”

“I hope news reporters, followers and well wishers understand our situation and give no trouble to anyone. I am very thankful to all the friends for send messages to know about my condition. “

Mingma G can be followed through his recovery on Instagram here.