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Everest 2023 Updates – 6th May


Updates from 6th May from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2023 



SummitClimb Team

Hi this is David, we all arrived at Namche yesterday , some walking the 35 hilly kilometres in a day , some taking the more direct helicopter ride. We’re resting up in the Kumbu Lodge the one of the oldest lodges in Namche and full of character. We’ll be here for around five days , possibly more as we wait for the ropes to be fixed to the summit. Currently it’s expected that the ropes will be fixed by 12th May, we’ll then finalise our plan to return to base camp and onwards to the summit.



Rajan Dwivedi

Our rotations for 6,000m and ~7,000m are completed. We are back to EBC/Namche Bazar for recovery and waiting for the next climbing window.



Andy Blatecky

After making it through the khumbu icefall the day before, we had a rest day where we enjoyed (one of the few) nice weather days by playing cards and doing a short hike further up the western cwm to check conditions.



Vincere Zeng

Didn’t get the chance to actually climb on Lhotse wall since by the time we reached the foot, there were lots of climbers hanging on the wall.. felt like ages for them to move up a bit.. we didn’t wanna queue at the bottom for the falling rocks and ice..
6800m was high enough