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Everest 2023 Updates – 5th May


Updates from 5th May from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2023 



Mike King

Back from our first rotation above EBC. The thin clouds turned into a blizzard for most of the day to C1 in the icefall.



Kirk Ludwig

After four nights and five days up at camp 1 and 2, we came down to base camp today. After a lot of snow and clouds, we got the classic view from camp 1 looking up the Western Cwm to the Lohtse Face, just before we dropped over the edge into the Khumbu Icefall



Stefi Troguet

After the 1st acclimatisation rotation, I’ve rested for 3 days at Base Camp, and I feel ready to go for the 2nd acclimatisation rotation.

Finally the weather seems to be improving…. So soon, off for the final round before the summit push.



SummitClimb Team

It’s a beautiful night in basecamp under a full moon. Our members completed a lengthy rotation in the Western CWM with many nights at Camp 2 and a climb to the Lhotse Face. Team members will now rest in Namche before returning to basecamp for summit push. Our sherpa team is continuing their efforts of load carrying to prepare the mountain for members to attempt the summit. Ben, Lhotse Leader.



Altitude JunkiesTeam

Today marks the beginning of our climbing rotation as we make our way towards Camp 1. After enduring four days of harsh weather conditions, our team of avid high-altitude enthusiasts is finally on the move towards our first overnight stop, Camp 1. Over the next few days, we will push on to Camp 2, where we will spend the next three days, and even venture to Camp 3 before returning to Base Camp on May 8th. It’s reassuring to mention that both our staff and team members are in excellent health and high spirits, making the most of our time at Base Camp.



Sonam Shalaka Bhote

After five nights of sleep in the alpine zone our acclimatization rotation of climbing Mt. Everest is now complete.

We have returned to basecamp and are now resting and checking out of the climb for a few days. And waiting for summit push and good weather windows.



Everest ER

A few stats from our hard working Everest ER team: since opening we’ve had over 350 patient visits. The majority of our patients, as expected (70%) are Nepali. Following the trend of the past 20 years, the number 1 complaint from our patients is respiratory illness, and our diagnoses include high altitude cough, viral respiratory infection, pneumonia, bronchitis, HAPE, asthma among others. Hemorrhoids and orthopedic injuries round out the top 3. We’ve evacuated or participated in the evacuation of 7 patients. As teams acclimatize higher and prepare for summit bids, we’ll try our best to keep them in good shape for the climb.



Rohan Freeman

Today started out with me feeling the best that I have felt this entire expedition. After 2 nights at C1 I felt properly acclimatized for this altitude.

We made it to Camp 2 after a final colossal 90 minute effort up a moderately steep hill that’s less than a quarter mile long. It took us 3 hours to get to the beginning of C2 and another 90 minutes to get to our camp at the top of the hill. Almost the very last camp.

I started feeling the altitude about half hour before C2 started, but really felt it in the middle of the hill. I was pressure breathing and rest stepping while taking frequent breaks. When we finally arrived I was happy to be there.

Wake up call was at 5 AM and it was cold. I went through my morning routine getting ready and had breakfast in the tent. I was dressed and outside by 6:30 AM. It’s always a process once outside. Put on harness, crampons, helmet, gloves, sunscreen, etc. Most people were milling about getting ready to leave. I was the only person doing a first rotation to C2 so I expected to be slow. I was happy when we started moving just before 7 to warm up. I could see the sun in the distance but it was while away for us. It actually felt good moving in the cold once I got warmed up. Sujan kept a good pace initially for my lungs to open up and that helped a lot.

The Cwm is not steep but the fresh snow made it harder to move. It started getting hot when the sun hits. We stopped to take off layers of put on sunscreen. The cwm has melted quite a bit and a lot of crevasses are open. Nevertheless, we had great views of C2 and the Lhotse face.

Once in camp, I slept and drank the afternoon away while snacking to help acclimatize. I did some organizing of the tent after I got some energy back. Dinner was quick and social. We talked about our plans for going up and down. High winds expected in the next day or two that will impact our plans.

I was happy with my performance today considering that this is my first time to this altitude.