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DiariesEverest 2022

Everest Diaries – 11th May

A summary of events from the slopes of Everest on 11th May 2022.

Taken from Social Media and Team Pages – updated throughout the day

Furtenbach Adventures

All team members from our Everest group have arrived well at camp 3 (7200m). Conditions are ideal. Tomorrow at 04 am the group will leave for the south saddle to camp 4.

Madison Mountaineering

We are getting ready to head up soon on our final rotation, the summit push! We’ve been in Nepal since early April preparing for this endeavor.
In a few days time we will depart base camp, hopefully reaching the summit in a week or 10 days.
Some of our climbers will then go for Lhotse, the 4th highest peak, attempting two 8000m peaks in 24 hours.
Fingers crossed for good weather and route conditions!


After a brief halt at camp II, our team is now heading to camp III for the final summit push. 11/5 CII, 12/5 CIV, 13/5 Summit 8848.86m.

Ascent Himalaya

Our team has arrived at camp 4 safely. They will rest for couple of hours and will leave for the summit early depending on the traffic and weather condition. Many teams are planning for the summit tonight so our plan is to skip the traffic and leave early for the summit.


We are heading for the summits of: a) Everest, b) Lhotse, and c) Everest plus Lhotse. Weather is very clear and perfect. Please wish us luck. Thank you very much.

Terray Sylvester

Back at base camp after a few days in Namche!

Jonathan Duke Ruane

There’s decent weather window forecasted for 16th May so I’m heading out on my Everest summit attempt tonight.

I hope to be back at base camp within a week. But lots can change when you go high up on the mountain so we’ll stay flexible.

Returning back safe is the only objective although a summit photo would be a nice bonus.

After a long build up I’m keen to get going. See you all soon.

Jonathan Lamy

It’s time to take the direction of Camp 3. The weather is great, the guy too!

Altitude Junkies

It’s happening!! We are on our summit push!!

Meghan Buchanan

The weather is looking promising for the summit. Pushed to C2 (experienced a bit of heat exhaustion) and then we made it to C3. I am hanging out with some O2 before pushing to C4 and then a LONG SUMMIT DAY to push for the top of Everest! I am SO excited! Ahhhh!

Rebecca Louise Fitness

Original plan was two nights at Camp 2, due to the weather we are staying three nights which means we are off to Camp 3 tomorrow! (12th May)🙌🏻

We will be on oxygen for the rest of the time until we are back down to Camp 2. Kenton Cool and I did a quick lesson on using oxygen at Basecamp.

Honestly have no idea how it’s going to feel!

Today I am feeling good, the waiting game plays a little in your head so I’m glad we are moving again tomorrow🙏🏻

At one point we couldn’t find my boot warmer batteries & Kenton found them in my google bag!

Feels a little surreal that our summit attempt is happening… SO many feelings all at once.

Definitely going to need them as it’s about to get colder!

I will also have my tracker turned on so you can see we got there!

Will update you again once we get to Camp 3 and are settled and can get the message to my mum & team!

Thanks again for all the love, support and the messages to my sat phone, they help so much



Seven Summit Treks – Lhotse

• Lhotse summit rope fixing update /11 May 2022!
•The first team of climbers reached the summit of the fourth highest mountain Mt. Lhotse 8516m this season at 20:00 hrs (Nepal Time).
•7 climbing Sherpas from Seven Summit Treks under the management of Expedition Operators of Nepal (EOA) have reached the top of Mount Lhotse.

Name list of Fixing Team:
1: Sona Sherpa – Team Leader 🇳🇵 Sankhuwasabha ( man of the Match of K2 winter summit and recent Everest fixing team 2022)
2: Ngima Tashi Sherpa 🇳🇵 Solukhumbu
3: Phurba Tsering Sherpa 🇳🇵 Solukhumbu
4: Tenjing Gyaljen Sherpa 🇳🇵 Solukhumbu
5: Lakpa Tenji Sherpa 🇳🇵 Solukhumbu
6: Phurba Kusang Sherpa 🇳🇵 Sankhuwasabha
7: Phurba Chhotar 🇳🇵 Solukhumbu

*:All 7 Sherpas are members of recent Everest summit rope fixing team of 2022….

Karakoram Club – Lhotse

Rest is over. Time for some action again and this time the action will take place on Lhotse, the world 4th highest peak 8516m. Fresh from his Kanchenjunga summit, Shehroze Kashif is on his way to summit another peak!

Selected Trackers

Gabriel Tarso

Jon Gupta

Kenton Cool

Sabrina Filzmoser

Zach White