Monday, May 27, 2024
Everest 2022

Early Everest summit for Pedro!

Pedro Queiros Mount Everest summit, May 9, 2022. Local time: 9.39 AM 

This is my shout from the top of the world!

A cry for freedom, courage, sacrifice, dreams, love for life and what we are really here to do.

At the top of the world I glimpsed the top of other worlds and more dreams and goals began to be born!

I want to continue doing a thousand new things and not stop here! I reached the top of the world with our flag of Portugal and thus became the sixth Portuguese to achieve such a feat. This feat also gives meaning to the work of many generations and the sacrifices of my parents and grandparents.

Thank you family, today I know that you are the most important thing in life.

As for the journey itself, it took many years of preparation that culminated in a truly epic summit attack! I established an ambitious plan that made me live in a tent in Camps 2 and 3 for 12 days, between 6500 and 7200 meters of altitude. And based on information I was gathering from Sherpas, other teams and friends I made on the National Geographic expedition, I calculated an optimal 48-hour window in which there would already be ropes to the top and a reasonable climbing climate. In the end I was the first foreigner of the season to reach the summit, I was alone at the top with my Sherpa guide and I avoided the crowds which was what I always wanted.

It wasn’t easy, of course… I was awake for 86 hours straight, I was hungry and thirsty, I walked among corpses, I stopped feeling my fingers and toes and I was exposed to 100 km/h wind gusts with temperatures around minus 40 degrees. But none of this stopped me from continuing step by step to the top of the world. I always knew that Everest had to be climbed with a mind and an unshakable will of iron.

Thank you all for being on this side.