Monday, May 27, 2024
Everest 2021

Everest Summit Reaction – Alex Cruz

Brazilian Alex Cruz has given his reaction to reaching the summit of Everest on May 23rd.

“My dear friends, I still cannot explain simply because I still cannot understand how it happened … but I inform you that on May 23, 2021 this poor being was more than blessed having reached the top of the world, peak of Mount Everest with it’s 8848 mts, becoming the 28th Brazilian, son of God to achieve such a feat!

“May this achievement be for the honor and glory of God and this achievement is dedicated to my wife, Gi, the most incredible woman I know in this world, an unconditional partner for whom I have more than infinite love and eternal gratitude!  

“Thank you to everyone who cheered, sent good energy and prayed… this achievement is ours !!!

“Ps … forgive me, but as soon as I assimilate everything that happened, I’ll tell you and post many more photos!

“I also congratulate my expedition friends @carlossantalena guide and head of the expedition, @ silverio.leonardo best tent companion, @gziller, @gtarso_, @aretha_duarte who made the summit on the same day !!!



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