Monday, July 22, 2024
Everest 2021

Everest 2021 Update – Icefall Collapse – 2nd May

Two climbers were injured when an icefall route collapsed at Mt Everest, on Sunday morning.

The icefall route collapsed at a height of 18,750 feet as the climbers were on acclimatisation rotation early this morning.

The injured climbers- a foreigner and a Sherpa – are being evacuated by Heli Everest to Kathmandu for treatment.

Tashi Sherpa, Dawa Finjo Sherpa and Sobit Gauchan from Seven Summit Treks rescued the injured climbers before they were brought to safety.

According to Mingma Sherpa, Chairman at Seven Summit Treks, the route from Basecamp to Camp I is now blocked.

However, efforts are underway to open the route, Chairman Sherpa added.