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Everest 2024

Everest Updates – 17th May


Updates on 17th May from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2024



Mongolian climbers missing on Everest

“8k Expeditions have recovered the bodies of their clients Usukhjargal Tsedendamba, 31, near the South Summit,  and his climbing partner, Purevsuren Lkhagvajav, 53, near the Balcony, on Everest. 

The Mongolian climbers went for the summit without supplemental oxygen or Sherpa support in very high winds. The Sherpas who found Tsedendamba told the media that he appeared to have “fallen down from the rope and stuck a few meters below the South Summit.”

Climbing The Seven Summits

“Our 2nd summit team is off! They are heading to camps 1 and 2 today on their summit bid. The weather is looking excellent for them in the coming days. Let’s wish them luck in their journey to the top of the world!”

Madison Mountaineering

Here. We. Go!!!

“The 2024 Mount Everest expedition team moved swiftly through the Khumbu Icefall, making good time and settling into their camp while they await their next move. The team plans to take a rest day before moving up to Camp 3 sitting over 2,000 feet above them on the Lhotse Face. Situated in the middle of the Western Cwm, Camp 2 is positioned at the foot of Himalayan giants in every direction you look – a dramatic place to call home even if just for a few nights!”

Furtenbach Adventures

“Under good weather conditions, our second Everest South team reached Camp 2 and our third team arrived well in Camp 1. 
Our North Team arrived well in Interim Camp.”



David Fathalikhani

Embracing the warm sunshine we are blessed with today in base camp before we venture off tomorrow night for a week of hard work and cold weather up high. Reflecting on the journey thus far and grateful for the opportunity and challenge that lies ahead as we begin the summit push.

Garth Miller

“At Camp 2 (6400m)
Stuck in Camp 2. The weather forecast shows high winds on our planned summit day – in excess of 30mph on the summit. This and the associated windchill is an unacceptable risk so we make the decision to slide moving up through the higher camps by 24hrs.
Margins are already tight on this lightning ascent – and pushing higher in deteriorating weather erodes the margin between possible success and probable shitshow.”

Rama Thakur

“The day before my final summit push begins
The feelings are mixed happy excited thrilled worried anxious.” 

Dario Libano

“Namastê Everest 
“I am grateful for the time we spent together and for the safe passage you provided. I didn’t reach your summit this time, but perhaps we will meet again in the future.
Each step on this journey was a lesson in humility and perseverance. The true victory lies in the courage to try and the beauty of the experience. I wish safe passage and much success to the Brazilians who will continue the climb. See you soon, majestic giant!”


“Fernanda Maciel has given up climbing Everest. The goal was to climb Everest without using extra oxygen.” 



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