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Everest 2024

Everest Updates – 16th May


Updates on 16th May from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2024



SummitClimb Team

“And so it begins! Our expedition kicks off as our first team member braves the icefall tonight, setting their sights on Lhotse. Sending all our best wishes and good vibes to the team!”

Asma Al Thani

“It’s go time! The time has come for our summit push on Everest. Over the next few days, we’ll put all our hard work and preparation to the test. As we take each step forward, we embrace the journey with humility and determination. The mix of excitement and anxiety is palpable, but I have never felt more prepared. Here’s to facing what lies ahead with courage and an open heart.”

Adventure Consultants Team

“Ready to Climb!
“We all need support in one way or another. We are so lucky to have support in depth. From our New Zealand office, Kathmandu staff, Base Camp team to our incredible Sherpa team, we all share a common vision. We hope to set foot on the highest point on our planet, Mount Everest. Our Sherpa and Guide team have a combined 98 summits of Everest. That’s not a mistake. That is 98 previous summits! Not including Da Jangbu, our Sirdar who will stay in Base Camp to coordinate, who has another 13 summits. We cannot control everything that will challenge us on the summit bid, but we can choose the best possible team to climb with. We will give everything and do our very best.
Wish us luck and follow our progress as we follow our dream.
Rob, Ang Dorjee and the AC team.”

Furtenbach Adventures

“Our South Classic and Flash™ Teams are currently in Camp 1. They have climbed the Khumbu without any problems. 💥 Now resting and preparing for tomorrow morning, when they will proceed to Camp 2.”

7 Summits Club

“Viktor Volodin’s group is going to storm Mount Everest tonight. Good luck!
Viktor Volodin’s group (8000 Club) is going to storm Mount Everest from Camp 4 on the Southern Col at 9 p.m. today. The wind, due to which there have been no ascents for three days, is subsiding. As it was predicted. Unfortunately, Leonid decided to end the expedition. He has already safely descended to the base camp.
Alex Abramov’s group (the 7 Summits Club) in full force went up to Camp 3 and is now resting.”

Ryan Mitchell

“Fully acclimatized and beginning our summit rotation tonight. Aiming for a May 22nd summit, whole thing will be filmed.”
“I never expected these videos to get views as they went against any youtube “strategy” I’d ever done, I just made them hoping to reach a consistent 10 people and hopefully make an impact on them. Hitting 10k in under 24 hours is pretty cool.”

Jigme Pelden Dorji

“Starting the final push tonight at 11:30pm (16th of May), going from the Base camp to Camp 2 directly, Navigating the Khumbu Icefall and taking 5-10 minutes water break at Camp 1 and through the Western Cwm to Camp 2, expect to reach Camp 2 on 17th of May (tomorrow) at around 10-11 am.
– 17th May night halt at Camp 2: 18th May, moving from Camp 2 to Camp 3 in the morning around 7-8am through the Lhotse face. Expect to reach Camp 3 by 18th evening at around 4-5pm. Night halt at Camp 3 with supplementary oxygen.
– 19th May, moving from Camp 3 to Camp 4 with oxygen in the morning at around 7-8am climbing the Yellow band, expect to reach Camp 4 (aka South col) at around 3-4pm.
– Same day after reaching Camp 4, will rest for 3-4 hours and move for the final push if the weather is favorable crossing the death zone and balcony. Move starts at around 8-9pm.
– 19th May ends on the way towards the summit and on 20th May, will cross the Hillary step and head towards the summit.
– 20th May SUMMIT DAY when the sun rises and the same day return directly to camp 2, expect to reach around 6-7pm. Halt night at camp 2.
– 21st May, move back to the Everest Basecamp.
If weather changes, will postpone the summit by one day.”

Ngaa Tenji Sherpa

“The Summit Force Team ready for the final summit push. Our goal is to reach the summit by May 21st, 2024.”

Elite Expedition

“Majority of the member from our Everest/Lhotse team has embarked for their summit push. Latest update is that they have reached C2 
Wishing them successful summit push and back to BC.”

Prakash Sherpa

“Let’s go guys 8,848m & 8,516m.”



Kaspar Eevald

“Starting the ascent to the summit of Everest!
Good friends and supporters! Tonight my team and I will leave base camp and begin the hardest and longest climb, with the goal of reaching the summit of Everest. If health lasts, the weather holds up and there is luck, then we should be on the roof of the world 21. May early morning time 7-8 am.
Our journey starts with a long climb from base camp straight 2. into inter camp (6400m), skipping 1. inter-camp (6040m), where we then rest for one day and then 3. to the inter-camp (7300m) we climb. From this point on, we’ll use extra oxygen and move up to 4 the next day. off to inter camp (7950m).
By this moment we have reached almost 8000 meters limit where the death zone begins. 4. we should reach the interim camp or the summit camp at about 1 pm. 11-12 around the day. Then we rest, recover and recharge. Checking and assembling the peak equipment and waiting for the evening hours to start the final ascent towards the summit of Everest around 19-20 (8848.86m).
The peak climb lasts through the night until the early morning and can take around 10-12 hours, depending on the conditions and feeling you feel. If everything goes well, according to this calculation I could reach the top in the morning between 6-8 o’clock. I feel ready and what is there to hide – anxious and nervous as well. What is coming will not be easy. The next 6 days will show if I am lucky enough to touch the roof of the world and fulfill one of the biggest dreams and goals of my life.”

Garth Miller

“It’s Go Time
Feeling weak, dehydrated and deflated, with the effects of contaminated water still present – but it’s time to move up.
There is a small weather window potentially opening up around 19/20 May and I’ve got to go for it if I’m to achieve my aim of a 21-day London – Everest Summit – London #lightningascent of Everest.
So, time to put on my big boy pants and go.
It is an incredibly tough and demoralising climb – 11hr+ from Base Camp to Camp 2, from the darkness and freezing cold of the early morning icefall to the glare and sweltering heat of the Western Cwm.
Otherwise known as the Valley of Silence, the still air and reflected/radiated heat from the huge snow walls on all sides in the Western Cwm drives the thermometer to around 40C. I’ve run the Marathon des Sables in the Sahara Desert before – but I don’t recall ever experiencing oppressive heat quite like this – at over 6000m it is suffocating.
I spend the long lonely hours visualising summit day – my route, my kit requirements and the strategies I’ll have to employ to keep going when I know every fibre of my body will be screaming at me to stop.”


“Yesterday we met our climbing sherpas for the first time. These are the men who will climb with each of us and our guide to help carry the oxygen as we make our way on this journey to the summit. We will be leaving together from Basecamp in 13 hours from now for the summit push!! I am so excited! We are planning to summit on the 21st Nepal time. I will be skipping staying at camp 1, will sleep at camp 2 for two nights, camp 3 for one night, then camp 4, then summit (!!!), then rest at camp 4 until we feel strong enough to safely descend to camp 2,sleep there one night and then will return to Basecamp.”

Extremos Team

“Carlos Santalena and team arrive at Camp 2 at the Summit Cycle. So far, the summit is scheduled for the 20th or 21st May.”

Pioneer Adventures Team

As our brave team sets out on their journey to Camp II, they embark on a remarkable adventure filled with challenges and triumphs. Each step they take brings them closer to the pinnacle of the world, Mount Everest.”

Ashish Gurung

“I will share with you the summit push on May 12 and 13, 2024.

“We left C4 in Southcol at 9:30 PM on the 12th May. My client was strong and we were able to overtake people who had started 2 hours earlier just below the balcony. After changing oxygen cylinders at 1 am, the route was covered with soft snow and the fixed ropes were almost buried.It took me time and effort to dig it out. At 3:30 a.m. we reached South Summit and changed oxygen cylinders again. It was still dark around us, and it was 4:38 a.m. when we finally reached the summit. As if to bless us, five minutes later the first rays of the morning sun lit up our group, warming us up and giving us a wonderful view of the surroundings and the top of the world.
“There were probably 35-40 people who made the summit push on that day. However, due to high winds, some turned back from South Summit, Hillary Step, and earlier points. Our team was lucky to have a private moment of sunrise on May 13. After spending 30 minutes savoring the inexpressible wonder of nature, we began our descent, reaching the South Col at 7:40 a.m. and resting for two hours. We then made it back safely to C2 later that day.”

Rhett Evans

“Yesterday we made it back to EBC despite some semi bad weather. It was surreal seeing the long and steep trails we trekked from Lukla to EBC via a birds eye view. Seems like forever ago… Today we did some oxygen mask training, learned how to regulate flow and change out bottles. I’m glad we did this. I felt claustrophobic in the mask and needed to learn to relax my breathing and not panic. Better to learn this now than in the death zone at 26,000 ft. We continue to finalize our preparations for our summit attempt. The expedition leader is assigning Sherpas to each climber based on needs and abilities. We have 13 climbers now who are climbing Everest and a handful that are climbing Lhotse. And there are two climbers that are going to attempt Everest and Lhotse in the same push. With these variations they have created three teams. The team I’ve been assigned will have six climbers and six to seven Sherpas. The weather is being monitored constantly as it changes constantly. We feel we have a good summit window between the 21st and the 23rd. The current plan is to leave Saturday or Sunday (depending on weather) at midnight and spend 3 to 4 days of hard climbing to get ourselves to C4 and in position to go for the summit.”

Jordan Chhetri

“Arrived 12/05/2024 9:35
Officially the FRIST NEPALESE /ENGLISH CANCER SURVIVOR to summit Mt Everest.
Anything is possible when you believe, you can do something and put the work in, for 16 months I’ve been training for this very purpose. Being obsessed with this mountain, now I can finally put that to rest and move to my next mission.
When I reached the summit, it’s a very weird feeling that hasn’t hit me yet, it still doesn’t feel real. That I reached the top of the world! Still trying to get my head around it!”

Tsering Pemba Sherpa

“Heading to Everest summit push tonight.”

Rama Thakur

“Gearing up for final summit begins in two days”



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