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Everest 2024

Everest Updates – 15th May


Updates on 15th May from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2024



Dan Mazur

“(8:30 am) 15th May 2024 : The weather on Everest is cloudy, and it looks like snow might be on the way! All our brave members and Sherpas are back at base camp, gearing up to push for the summit in the coming days.”

Purnima Shrestha

“Thank you everyone for showering so much of love and appreciation, it really means a lot and motivates me to go further 
Still feeling surreal that I made it to the summit in such extreme weather condition. Thankful to the Mountain God for blessing me. I am resting back in base camp with good sleep and good food. It’s not the end, after all. Keep me always in your wishes and prayers, I might need them again!!!”

Lukas Furtenbach

“As the only expedition operator to run Everest from both sides, we know the advantages and disadvantages of both routes like no other. Right now, we have several teams on Everest in Nepal and in Tibet. The north side of Everest is almost empty, this year there are only about 50 climbers. But it’s not easy to get to Tibet either, as this year’s season has shown once again. This is where our great strength lies. Because we run expeditions from the south and north, our members can switch to the other side right up to the last day at no extra cost if there are problems or closures on one side.”

Imagine Nepal Team

“Congratulations to Mr. Cranford Stoudemire, an American climber, and Nima Nuru Sherpa for their triumphant ascent of Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, on May 13th at 6:10 am NPT.
Scaling the summit amidst freezing temperatures and fierce winds, they stood out among the few climbers to make it to the summit that day. Mr Cranford is a member of our 21 Days Everest Express ascent team at Imagine Nepal, but due to unpredictable mountain weather in Nepal, he had to wait extra days at the base camp. It took him 25 days from Kathmandu to go to the summit and return to Kathmandu.”

Jigme Pelden Dorji

“Heavy snowfall at the Everest base camp. Our summit date postponed to 20-21 of May.
Moving towards the summit day after tomorrow morning at 2am.”



Rob Smith

“After months of planning, training and commitment, we are on the cusp of the final effort. We have a great support team and everyone is feeling good.”

Rune Hana

“Summit push! Late this evening 15th of May we will push for the summit of Everest aim to summit May 20th.”

Kensaku Seki

“On May 13th, thanks to all of you, we were able to reach the summit of Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. I made the worst mistakes a photographer should ever make, and made many mistakes that could have cost me my life. But I still managed to return safely. Right now, my heart is filled with a sense of relief, regret, fulfillment, a fatigue I’d never experienced before, and gratitude to everyone. I’ll be posting about this trip little by little from now on. First of all, I would like to tell you that I have returned safely from the summit of Mount Everest. thank you very much.”

Mingma David Sherpa

“Paul Pathy is a 53-year-old adventurer from Canada, ready to conquer the top of the world!  We’re fit, focused, and waiting for the perfect weather window to push for the Everest summit. I’ll be guiding Paul 1:1, ensuring we achieve this incredible journey together.”

Josh McDowell

“Just two days ago on May 13, 2024 at 07:25, I reached the summit of Mount Everest for the 3rd time (2016, 2017, 2024). Thank you so much to ClimbingTheSevenSummits for giving me to the opportunity to not only climb, but actually guide clients to the highest point on earth!!!”

Kenton Cool

“The sun sets on another Everest season!!
‘The Twins’ and I are back in Kathmandu before our flights home.
For us it’s time to reflect on an amazing expedition, it was seamless, the summit being reached in a little over three weeks from leaving the U.K.
However we have left many friends at basecamp who are eying up the next summit window in a weeks time, we wish them all the best and a safe journey.”

Furtenbach Adventures

“Update from our Everest expedition. Our first Everest South team starts their Summit Push tonight from BC to Camp 1 through the Khumbu Icefall. “

Lakpa Sherpa

“All my team members are leaving from Base Camp for summit push.”

Phunuru Sherpa

“2024 IMG Everest Lhotse was a complete success . I truly stand by the saying Hard work beats talent when talents doesn’t work hard . Once again with the help of our hard work , perseverance, experience and with god’s will we were able to have a wonderful ,successful summit . I truly am grateful to get to experience these moment just doing what I love spending time in the mountains ,and gaining more experience and lessons . We were so fortunate to have both the Everest and Lhotse team’s first summit window . Best wishes to the rest of the team . This was my third Lhotse summit . Looking forward to experience more of this in the future.”

Pat Monday

At 4:38 AM on May 13, 2024, I stood on top of the world.
The winds were high, but the sky was clear and we were gifted with the most surreal sunrise I have ever encountered.
We’re now safely back at ClimbingTheSevenSummits base camp and still processing our experience…the words to describe standing at the threshold between the earth and the heavens escape me, but there are plenty of photos coming in the next few days to help illustrate this wonderful journey.”



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