Monday, May 27, 2024
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Sherpa dies after Makalu summit


A Nepali guide has died after summiting the world’s fifth-highest mountain Mount Makalu this week.

Lakpa Tenji Sherpa, 53, reached the summit of the 8,485-metre-tall (27,838-feet) Mount Makalu while accompanying foreign climbers on Monday but died as he was descending.

Seven Summit Treks have released this statement;

“We express our deepest sorrow for the loss of Lhakpa Tenji Sherpa, an invaluable member of our guiding family. Lhakpa’s untimely departure on May 7, 2024, is an irrecoverable loss to the mountaineering community and to all who had the honor of knowing him.

“Born in 1971, Lhakpa dedicated his life to the mountains, guiding climbers with unmatched expertise and a deep passion for the high Himalaya. His final moments came on the slopes of the mother mountain, Makalu.

“As he guided an international climber to the summit, Lhakpa fell ill (exhausted) during the descent. Despite immediate assistance and efforts to rescue him, he breathed his last at C3, around 7:00 pm, while being rescued with oxygen support. The Sherpa team with him fought against all odds on the slopes of Makalu to keep Lhakpa alive, but they lost to fate.

“Lhakpa was not only a veteran Sherpa guide but also a mentor and friend to many. His climbs and legacy will remain alive, and he will forever reside in our hearts for his humility, kindness, and enduring contributions to our community.

“His body has been retrieved from C3 and is currently at the Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu. Following the completion of the official procedures and in accordance with the family’s instructions, the cremation will be performed.”