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Everest 2024

Everest Updates – 19th May


Updates on 19th May from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2024



Kaitu Expeditions

“Today, 19 May 2024, all 8 members and 3 IFMGA Guides + 8 Sherpa Guides of our Kaitu Everest Expedition 2024 have successfully scaled the highest mountain in the world Mt. EVEREST 8848.86M.
At the moment, all of them are descending down to C4.”

Pemba Sherpa

“Huge congratulations Jyoti Ratre, who made history by climbing Mt. Everest and becoming the oldest Indian women to summit Mt. Everest!
Guided by
1) Lakpa Nurbu Sherpa
2) Ming Nurbu Sherpa
3) Pasang Tenzing Sherpa
19th may local time 6:30am
Expedition organized by 8k Expeditions expedition leader Lakpa Sherpa.”

Lakpa Sherpa

“8K Mount Everest Expedition 2024 Spring Summit Update!!
Peak: Mount Everest (8,848.86m)
Date: 19th May 2024
Team: Team A

*Everest Summiteer Members:
1. Mr. Valentyn Sypavin 
2. Ms. Purnima Shrestha 
3. Mrs. Jyoti Ratre 
4. Mr. Leo Ru Ping Chong 
5. Mr. Henrik Lars Oliver Grethe 
6. Mr. Nikolai Radutnyi 
7. Mr. Alexandre Ben Brahim 
8. Ms. Chen Xue 
9. Mr. Shamin Umesh Asaikar 
10. Ms. Alevtyna Kovalchuk 
11. Mr. Volodymyr Petrov 
12. Mr. Udaya Kerung 
13. Ms. Chhiring Sherpa 
14. Mr. Bambahadur BK 
15. Mr. Wong Su Chung
16. Mr. Elmehdi Amezzane 
17. Mr. Abdul Samad Jamder 

* Everest Summiteers Sherpa:
1. Mr. Dawa Ongju Sherpa 
2. Mr. ⁠lakpa Nurbu sherpa 
3. Mr. Ming Temba Sherpa 
4. Mr. Dawa Geljen Sherpa 
5. Mr. Pasrenji Sherpa 
6. Mr. Guru Jenjen 
7. Mr. Pasang Sherpa 
8. Mr. Pasdawa Sherpa 
9. Mr. Lakpa Ongjuk Sherpa 
10. Mr. Karma Gyaljen Sherpa 
11. Mr. Guru Bhote 
12. Me. Mingma Dorchee Sherpa
13. Mr. Pasang Galje Sherpa
14. Mr. Sange Sherpa 
15. Mr. Ming Dawa Sherpa 
16. Mr. Lakpa Gelu Sherpa 
17. Mr. Dawa Tenzi Sherpa 
18. Mr. Ang Pasang Sherpa 
19. Mr. Arjun Karki 
20. Mr. ⁠Ming Nurbu Sherpa 
21. Mr. Pasang Tenjing Sherpa

“What an extraordinary journey! Through exceptional teamwork, ideal weather conditions, unwavering dedication with relentless spirit our 8K Expedition Team A achieved a victorious ascent.”

Satori Adventures

“Team leader Adamski Karol Adam, Meszewska Angieszka and Jaskula Szymon Pawel from Poland, Rajan Dwivedi and Mohammad Jafer Ismail from USA along with Lhakpa Tasi Sherpa, Nima Sherpa, Furte Sherpa, Pasang Nurbu Sherpa, Shyam Tamang, Ongdak Sherpa, Dawa Rinji Sherpa, Nima Sherpa, Gyaljen Sherpa, SantamanTamang and Kunsang Dorje Sherpa from Satori Adventures successfully stood atop the world’s highest peak from 6:30am to 7:30am.”

Extremos Team

“Our Grade 6 team left Camp 3 headed to Camp 4, but strong winds and poor weather forced the group to return. This weather was not predicted. They went up for two hours and thirty minutes before they decided to come back. Safety first . Tomorrow they will try again to reach Camp 4. ” – Grade 6 / Campinas Team
The fact that they can’t advance to Camp 4 doesn’t change the main goal, which is the summit, but it does affect the amount of oxygen available to each one. Normally, every climber has up to two spare cylinders, which will basically be used on this retreat. Sleeping in Camp 3 isn’t comfortable at all, but part of the process. The focus now is an attack to the right summit.
If necessary, the team can get more oxygen cylinders by negotiating with other teams, as about 40% of mountaineers abandon the summit attack, which can leave cylinders left over. So far they are doing well.”

Rhett Evans

 “Felt strong today and moved efficiently up the mountain, gaining over 4000 vertical ft. Decided to blow past C1 and go directly to C2 made it in a little over 10 hours. Right now C3 is overcrowded. And the route is traffic jammed. Team leader is working on logistics and it looks like we may have to stay here at C2 one day before heading to C3. Today was a grind, but it felt good to get the summit bid started and calm the nerves. Shin is swollen and in some pain, but manageable. More to come on what tomorrow brings. In the meantime, onward!
PS. Had a pretty good scare when a large ice bridge collapsed while one of our team members was crossing it. Fortunately, he was on a fixed line and only fell 15+ ft.”



Angs Himalayan Adventures

“A big shout out to “Team Uprising “ Pk Sherpa Andrew Leslie Mingma Lama and Sonam Sherpa to make it to the top of the world at 4.50 am local time.
Congratulations to Pk on his 10th summit, Mingma on his 3rd, Sonam on his 2nd and Andy on his 1st.”

14 Peaks Expedition Team

“Massive Congratulations to 14 Peaks Expedition’s Everest Expedition team for their successful summit! Here are the summit times for the team members:

At 3:00 AM:
Bin Xu
Cheng Gao
Ngwang Tashi Sherpa

At 5:00 AM:
Chunqi Yan
Sher Jangbu Sherpa

At 6:00 AM:
Hongjun Liu
Hui Chen
Qingliang Zhang
Huijuan Ma
Guy Bolton
Karma Galje Sherpa
Dawa Rinje Sherpa
Furba Kusang Sherpa
Mingma Tenji Sherpa
Fur Tile Sherpa
Nuru Jangbu Sherpa

Congratulations to all on this incredible achievement!”

7 Summits Club

“The ascent on the summit of Mount Everest was made by members of the 8000 Club group Adrian Ahritculesei (Romania), Denis Grachev, Sergey Mikhalev and Konstantin Simon.

Climbing The Seven Summits

“Summit team on the move to Camp 3! There’s a bit of wind on the Lhotse face at the moment but it is due to die off today. The team is moving well. We received several inches of snow on the mountain last night so everything is bright and white this morning.”

Kaspar Eevald

“Attack on the 3rd day – Kaspar has nicely reached Camp 3.
The ascent from the second camp lasted 6 hours in total, most of which was spent to pass the Lhotse Face. This is a very steep wall with a slope angle mostly 40-50 degrees, sometimes even 80 degrees. Kaspar: “I would say that with Lhotse Face the Everest experience is just the beginning. One mistake with courage, then it’s good bye, you’re basically flying down 2. off to the camp. ”
The beginning of Lhotse Face also marks the beginning of the use of extra oxygen, thanks to which Kaspari is feeling good at the moment. Climbing this steep wall along long support ropes without oxygen, what Norwegian Frank does in his group, is definitely a different experience.
“It’s not funny anymore, a specific steep climb only further and tomorrow is a peak day. Coughing, gotta hang on for 3 more days… ”
We wish Kaspar a maximum of good rest for the following hours, because the rise is 4. The mid-camp begins tomorrow morning at 7:00.”


“Join us in celebrating Daniil Kireev and Pasang Sherpa’s incredible achievement of summiting the Everest this morning at 7:07 AM from south side.
Let their triumph inspire us to reach for our own extraordinary goals!”



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