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Everest 2024

Everest Updates – 18th May


Updates on 18th May from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2024




“Our summit team is now all at camp 2. Tomorrow they will push up to camp 3 en route to the summit. Game on!”

Furtenbach Adventures

“Our Everest North Team arrived at ABC (6500m)
Our second Everest South Team arrived well in Camp 3 and our third South Team has arrived in Camp 2.”

Angs Himalayan Adventures

“Team Uprising” has made it to South col this morning. Will be resting the day and will be going for the summit push tonight.
The lads are fit and fine and praying that the weather holds up for them.”

SummitClimb Team

“As we finalize our preparations, we’re gearing up for an early start at 1 AM tomorrow to head up to Camp 2. After a well-deserved rest day, we’ll tackle the Lhotse face on our way to Camp 3.”

David Fathalikhani

“The final summit push is officially on! We will be leaving base camp tonight at 1130pm and climb through the night directly to camp 2. We will take 2 nights in C2 before pushing on the Camp 3 on the 21st, then on to C4 on the 22nd. Taking a few hours of rest in C4 we will begin the climb to the summit that evening around 6-8pm and aim to stand on top of the world the morning of the 23rd.”

Frank Loke

“At Camp 2

“The last few days have been very heavy. I have been struggling with stomach problems and threw up several times. Form is a little better now and I have been sleeping and drinking a lot because of it. dehydration. Fortunately, it’s been two acclimatization days, so I’ve been able to bring myself in a little. The next few days are going to be hard and I need to focus on the task I have to do.”



Lakpa Sherpa

“8K Summit Updates!!
Team A of the 2024 Mount Everest & Lhotse Expedition has successfully reached Camp 4. Tonight, they begin their epic summit push.”

Rhett Evans

“Weather window holding – We leave tonight 11:00 pm.
Based on all of the weather reports and analysis, the 22nd and/or the 23rd present good conditions for the summit. Low winds and windchill temps between,
-22° to -17°. We’re hoping the patience we’ve practiced will pay off… Last week over 50+ climbers endured rising winds near the summit, forcing them to turn back in dangerous conditions. The wind continued the rest of the week pushing 70 to 100 kph on the summit. We have some concern now about overcrowding as the season winds down and other teams will be eyeing the same window.
The next 6 days will be intense! Long and grueling climbing, cold and cramped “sleeping”. Appetite will become scare the higher we go and energy will need to come from the will within. That’s how this works. I feel confident that I’ve done the training, overcome numerous setbacks, and have put in the time for the acclimatization process. And while I’ve lost quite a bit of weight and my body has taken a beating, I’m ready to do this! I’m going to give it all I’ve got, putting my trust in God, that what is to come is meant to be.”

Extremos Team

“The Grade 6 team, led by guide Carlos Santalena, made the climb from Camp 2 (6,480m) to Camp 3 (7,200m) in approximately six hours. Usually everyone climbs here without the use of oxygen cylinders, starting using them just for sleeping. From then on, they will use supplementary oxygen to the summit and back up to Camp 4.”



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