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Everest 2024

Everest Updates – 22nd May


Updates on 22nd May from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2024



14 Peaks Expedition Team

“Historic Milestone Achieved : Kami Rita Sherpa Summits Mt. Everest for record 30th time.
May 22, 2024, Another historic morning as Kami Rita Sherpa summit Mount Everest for the record 30th time at 7:49 AM today ! breaking his own record.
A senior mountain guide with @14peaksexpedition, achieved this incredible feat twice this spring 2024 season alone.”

A huge congratulations also to Antonina Samolilova for becoming the first Ukrainian woman to summit Mt. Everest three times!
Today, 22nd May 2024, at 4:55 AM, Antonina reached this incredible milestone, accompanied by her dedicated climbing Sherpa guide, Ngima Tashi Sherpa

Lakpa Sherpa – 8K Expeditions

Mount Everest Team B Summit Update – 22nd May
Summiteer List:
1. Mr. Rune Hana
2. Ms. Zhao Xi
3. Ms. Dwarka Vishwanath Dokhe
4. Mr. Wu Ting
5. Mr. Aruhan
6. Mr. Markus Ahnert
7. Mr. Hemant Albert Soreng
8. Mr. Pema Chhiring Sherpa
9. Mr. Pem Lakpa Sherpa
10. Mr. Pasang Tenjing Sherpa
11. Mr. Dawa Nuppu Sherpa
12. Mr. Pemba Dorchee Sherpa
13. Mr. Ang Tashi Sherpa
14. Mr. Halung Dorchi Sherpa
15. Mr. Ming Nurbu Sherpa
16. Mr. Pasang Sherpa #IFMGA
17. Mr. Phree Chhombi Sherpa

“Big congratulations to our 8K Expeditions Team B & C for their successful summit of Everest! Despite harsh weather conditions, the entire team successfully stood atop Everest. They are now descending to the base camp.
While celebrating this success we regret to inform you that a cornice collapse occurred yesterday at Hillary Step. Two of our brave team members, Mr. Daniel Paul Paterson (UK) and Mr. Pastenji Sherpa (Nepal), are missing. Eyewitnesses reported the incident took place between Summit Ridge and South Summit and some climbers were swept away in Kangshung Face.
Our dedicated search and rescue teams are deployed on the ground. They are working tirelessly to locate our missing climbers. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families during this challenging time.
Stay tuned for further updates.
Lakpa Sherpa
MD, 8K Expeditions”


“Good morning from the Himalaya. We are delighted to announce 100% of our third and final wave of Everest climbers stood on top today, taking our season total to: 59 Everest summits! 
Everyone who left on summit day across the season was successful and showed incredible commitment, care and teamwork. We couldn’t be prouder or more delighted to share in the journey of this season with such a prepared, strong group of climbers and staff. 
Congratulations to: 
Mr Jesse Willms (USA)
Mr Tomas Ceppi (Argentina)
Mr Chen (Blake) Li (China)
Ms Yinghong Hu (China)
Ms Pascale Soubrane (France)
Mr Jangbu Sherpa (Nepal/USA)
Mr Abiral Rai (Nepal)
Mr Nar Bahadur Astani (Nepal)
Mr Chhedan Bhote (Nepal)
Mr Tenzi Sherpa (Nepal)
Mr Dawa Dendi Sherpa – CTSS Sirdar (Nepal)
Mr Dathanduk Bhote (Nepal)
Mr Lhakpa Chhetar Sherpa (Nepal)
Mr Nima Dorjee Sherpa (Nepal)
To top off the morning, we also have a Lhotse summit from Mr Darragh Ó hAodha (Ireland) alongside Dawa Jangbu Sherpa (Nepal). Darragh remarkably completed the Everest/Lhotse double header by summitting Everest yesterday (21st May) and Lhotse today (22nd May)
We are looking forward to celebrating with everyone following their safe descents. “

Pioneer Adventures

“Congratulations to Yu Senhua and Nima Ungdi Sherpa on Conquering Everest!”

Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee

“Today, 22nd May 2024, the SPCC Everest Expedition 2024 team successfully scaled Mt. Everest. Big congratulations to all team members:
1) Dawa Gyaljen Sherpa, Vice Chairman, SPCC
2) Tshering Sherpa, CEO, SPCC
3) Dawa Jangbu Sherpa, Icefall Doctor, SPCC
4) Dawa Nuru Sherpa, Icefall Doctor, SPCC
Wishing everyone a safe descent to base camp.”



Furtenbach Adventures

“Again 100% success for all our Everest South teams! You all rock, you sherpapower superheroes, super clients, best guides and climbing expedition doctors in the world.
Also huge congratulations to our combo climbers who topped out Lhotse today after Everest yesterday.
North side team arrived to Camp 3 (8300m) and is starting tonight for the summit. They are the ONLY team on the mountain.”

Jigme Pelden Dorji

“Myself and Chakra Rai (personal Sherpa) entered the DEATH ZONE at around 8:25am on 20th May just before the summit.
My o2 finished and he wanted to change it but while doing so my regulatory mask broke and I was in short of breath, at the moment I felt like I was going to end up at the death zone. But with gods grace, Chakra Rai took off his mask and fed me with O2. If not him, I would have ended my life at the death zone. Mr. Chakra Rai made his summit without the O2 as you all can see in the photo.
I’m forever grateful to @pioneer_expeditions and Chakra Rai for saving my life.”

Valeriy Babanov

“Good afternoon to all my Subscribers, and to all those who are following the progress of my expedition to Everest!
I apologize for not getting in touch for so long. There were reasons for this.
12 days ago, after the third rotation to an altitude of 7500 meters, after descending to EBC, I fell ill.
The temperature rose, and a severe cough began.
At the urgent request of friends and doctors, I went down to Namche Bazaar, 3400m, for three days to recover.
I was prescribed a 5-day course of antibiotics. Also, in the current situation, in order to avoid serious consequences, already from a height of 7000m, during the attempt to climb Everest, it was decided to put on oxygen.
But it seems that this time, the body decided to seriously and deeply succumb to the infection that had penetrated it.
This primarily manifested itself in very severe weakness, even with the use of supplemental oxygen above 7000m.
Every day, the body becomes weaker.
The desire to move up somewhere disappeared as such. I haven’t felt so tired and exhausted for a long time.
But I still decided to try to climb to the top.
After all, so much time and effort was devoted to this.
This is exactly the moment when a person begins to lose control of the situation.
The course of events itself begins to control a person. Man no longer decides anything. This is what we call Fate.
At some point, during my ascent attempt, on May 19, at an altitude of 8300 meters, I felt that I might simply not have enough strength to return.
There was a minimum of vital energy in the body: the disease took almost everything.
At that moment, I decided that it was necessary to stop climbing and start descending.
Now I am already in Kathmandu, safe.
Everything is fine. But the body is still very broken, suffering from cough and weakness. Slowly, gradually, you need to get out of this state.
May 24th, in a couple of days I’m returning to Chamonix.”

Hugo Ayiviri

“I’m back at base camp. I have been able to recuperate a bit. I still haven’t regained feeling in my left toes, but I think I will get it back in a few months.
Thank you all for your messages of support, my family, my friends, my colleagues and also my sponsors. Without you, I couldn’t have achieved this feat. I was able to reach the summit in extreme conditions and, above all, come down alive.
The accident below the summit of Everest is a real tragedy.
During yesterday’s summit attack, an ice ledge collapsed at the Hillary Step. Eyewitnesses report that the incident occurred between Summit Ridge and South Summit, and that some climbers were dragged onto the Kangshung face.
The news is still uncertain, although it is known that other people affected could have been rescued at the time, so we won’t go into details. It’s not out of the question that other people may have been affected, but the exact details will only be known once the teams have descended and a more reliable assessment can be made.
This marks the end of the Everest expedition.
Let’s pray that the search will find some of the climbers alive.
I will keep you posted on the date of my return to Kathmandu and Bolivia!”

Devon Levesque

There’s nothing higher” – Mount Everest
I stepped foot on the top of Earth on May 21st at 5:17am, and stayed a while.
Lots have happened in the last 72 hours….no sleep. deaths occurred, Rescues, Jon and I didn’t summit together, some happy climbers, many sad climbers, I set a world record, I almost died… Jon almost died…I saved 1 life…Jen Jen Sherpa saved many…Fighting… hugging… terrified for my life…hot…then really cold…blizzards… high winds…then a Perfect summit day…but was it? late nights…still no sleep. I’m heading back to the USA for the greatest weekend of the year. Love y’all & thank you for all the kind messages. stay tuned…”

Sad Updates from Everest

Gabriel Tabara of Romania has been found dead inside his tent at Camp 3 yesterday. Tavara, 48, was attempting to climb Lhotse without using supplementary oxygen.

On Mount Everest, Cheruiyot Kirui, a Kenyan climber and his Sherpa guide Nawang have been out of contact at above 8,000m since this morning with a search party on the way to find them.

Yesterday, two climbers went missing near Hillary step on Mt Everest. Daniel Peterson and Pas Tenji Sherpa fell down when a section of route in the Hillary section below the summit point collapsed and searches are continuing for them.



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