Thursday, June 13, 2024
Everest 2024

Everest Updates – 25th April


Updates on 25th April from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2024



Government of Nepal

388 Everest permits issued so far.


Hugo Ayaviri

“I’m still at base camp of the Everest. The beginning of the expedition has been a bit stressful as the departure to higher camps as been delayed due to the Khumbu icefall route being very dangerous and hard to open this year. A big serac is threatening to fall.

But the icefall doctors have finally found their way to camp 2, and we’re finally on the move. The road to the higher camps is finally open. I’m leaving tonight for camp 2 (6450m), I’ll be staying there at least 2 nights and I’ll be able to see more clearly what strategy to adopt.”


Climbing The Seven Summits Team

“We had a great Puja ceremony at EBC today for our Personal Sherpa and 40 Day and 30 Day Speed Ascent climbers before they move up for their first rotation on Everest.

The weather was perfect. It was a beautiful celebration to ask Chomolungma for permission for safe passage on her slopes.”


Arnold Coster

“Unfortunately I had to decide to cancel my Everest North expedition and switch to south. The Chinese authorities keep delaying our entry date and now I feel like waiting any longer is too risky. Only teams who have no other choice will keep waiting, but after more than a dozen Everest North expeditions I simply think the gamble on a late summit is too big. Yes, there been years when people summited late, but I have also seen years when the season just abruptly stops when the monsoon arrives.

Tomorrow we will fly to Pheriche, Climb Lobuche east and catch up with our team on the South Side. All member are well acclimatized to 5000m+ in Langtang valley.”


Pioneer Expeditions

We take pride in announcing our Pioneer Adventure Mt. Everest and Lhotse team has successfully summited Mt. Lobuche in preparation for Mt. Everest & Mt. Lhotse.

Seizing this opportunity, our team utilized the Lobuche ascent to acclimatize and bolster themselves both physically and mentally for the challenges on Mt. Everest and Mt. Lhotse. The strategic ascent of Lobuche presents a distinct advantage, allowing our climbers to circumvent the treacherous Khumbu Icefall during crucial acclimatization rotations.

We congratulate all our members and guides on their success. We wish them all the best on their upcoming expeditions. Join us in wishing our teams a successful expedition season!”


“We’re going up tonight!

First rotation on Mt Everest tonight!, excited to get it going now, going through the khumbu ice fall, to camp 1 rest, 2 camp rest, and touch camp 3 before coming down to base camp if you don’t already follow the page

Also did you know I am raising donations for the ward that saved my life Piam brown ward, when I was 13 I was diagnosed with #cancer. I was giving 20% of survival,15 years on and I’m attending, to climb the tallest mountain on planet earth. #everest if I successfully summit I will be the FIRST NEPALESE/ENGLISH CANCER SURVIVOR IN HISTORY TO SUMMIT the massive mountain.”

Mingma David Sherpa

“We’ve arrived at Everest Basecamp, and the team is healthy and energized! Last night’s full moon provided us with a breathtaking view of Everest, leaving us amazed.

Today, some team members successfully hiked half way to the Khumbu Icefall, while others took the opportunity to rest at basecamp.

The team aiming for the Lobuche Summit have moved to Lobuche village today and will be making their way to high camp tomorrow.”


Terray Sylvester

“Great weather for our arrival in Everest/Lhotse Base Camp today! We’re looking forward to starting our climb and cleaning work on Lhotse soon.”


Kaspar Eevald

“Today during the day we did a little less than half of the ice break to train the body and practice movement on a variable terrain. Ice cracks, large ice massages above your head and long ropes to which you fasten yourself for encouragement while moving. While moving here, the main wish and fear is that nothing would fall on your head or that it would sink under your feet.

Since further inter-camps were not quite ready yet, we only went through a part of Khumbu and returned to base camp. As soon as the  Inter-camps are completed by the team, we will start with rotations up a higher hill and also with it the complete passage of Khumbu ice break. But now a day or two of vacation and then the serious climb begins. And we have to go through the ice break together 2-3 times going up, i.e. then also coming down. It all depends on how you feel, how acclimatized and whether you need three or two rotations before the top. I plan on (and hope) to manage two.

Generally, I’m honest and for the first time in the mountains I really feel fear about this particular place. Yes, not in a way that it controls and annoys me, but fear for my life is real here and bigger than before.”



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