Thursday, June 13, 2024
Everest 2024

Everest Updates – 1st May


Updates on 1st May from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2024



Furtenbach Adventures

“Our South and North Flash™ team summited Mera Peak. Congratulations to the team! They are now on their way to Basecamp. Our South Classic Team is in Camp 2 on Everest and our North Classic Team will be climbing Mera Peak tomorrow.”

Frank Loke

“The team has arrived at Camp 2 at 6400 meters above sea level. They spent less than 3 hours from Camp 1 despite high winds of around 30 m/s. They are now laying in the tent relaxing. Frank is reporting that they are going at a good pace, but he has a small margin when they arrive at the camps. Frank is a little relaxed, but no headache, which may be a symptom of altitude sickness. Being strong doesn’t just have to be strong – everything has to flap.”

Oxana Morneva

“After waiting for the Chinese permit in Kathmandu from April 6 to 22, but without waiting for anything, our team split into two parts. On April 26, part of our team, which decided to climb Everest from the South, urgently moved to the Everest Base Camp from the south side.
In three days, our team repacked three tons of cargo into two parts and received a permit to climb Mount Everest from Nepal. We have resolved the issues with the emergency transfer of goods.
On April 28, our team reached Feriche 4200.
On April 30, part of the expedition’s cargo arrived in Goraksherp 5200, and part of the cargo in Pangboche 3900. The cargo from Pangboche left for the Everest Base Camp on yaks. At the same time, part of the guide team reached the Everest Base Camp, chose and occupied a place for the camp.
Today, on May 1st, I and the participants are in Feriche. The participants left for acclimatization. This is the second rotation. The first one was made on April 29 at 5000 meters. At the same time, the expedition’s cargo was delivered to the Everest Base Camp. Also, today, our guides are building a base camp. We plan to go up to the Base on May 3.
There has never been such a lightning-fast commercial expedition to Mount Everest in history!”

Extremos Team

“There are the 9 Brazilians who will climb Everest, plus Bel who is from Argentina and is in the Grade6 group.
Tonight the Grade6 group will leave for the 2nd Acclimation Cycle and should touch Camp 3 (7,200m) in the next few days.”

SummitClimb Team

“The weather is sunny and windy. team is in c2, and some still resting in c1. Team are thinking of when they would like to go to camp 3. Sherpas are preparing the camp. Hopefully the winds will reduce soon.”

Mingmar Dhondup Sherpa

Very first time drilling ice on Everest camp lll wall for anchor (V-thread ).
I would like to thank @conrad_anker @phu_srpa and @khumbuclimbingcenter for providing us a drilling machine.

Riki (Colorado Mountain Lover)

“Our first rotation up to Camp 1 and 2 on Everest was pretty amazing and happened on the full moon. Climbing up and over and through the Khumbu Icefall was like nothing else I have ever experienced. It is a giant maze of fallen, churning, twisting, melting ice and feels like another planet. Talk about feeling small! We left at 1:30 am because the safest time to cross it is when it is the coldest and before the midday sun causes more shifting and possible collapses. We stopped for a puja blessing on our way out of camp to ask for a safe passage and it was very special, I included a video of that here. It was a tough and beautiful day and reaching Camp 1 with its views of Everest, Lhotse and Nupste was exciting. On our second day we hiked up to Camp 2 and crossed amazingly intricate crevasses…natures’s artwork! From Camp 2 I could see the Lhotse face which we will climb on our next rotation on the way to Camp 3. Its sheer face honestly looked a bit intimidating but I’m excited for it too! I will leave for my second rotation two nights from now and will be up there and out of service for four or five nights this time.”



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