Thursday, June 13, 2024
Everest 2024

Everest Updates – 30th April


Updates on 30th April from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2024



Climbing The Seven Summits

“Our Western Guided Team headed up to Camp this morning 2 for their final acclimatization rotation before the summit bid. Andrea, Robert and Kami are currently on the Lhotse face to tag Camp 3. The rest of our teams are currently taking a breather here at EBC and getting in some great acclimatization hikes to Pumori and skills training on the glacier.”

Summit Climb Team

“The weather is very sunny today. Some members of our team plan on going to C2, while others want to take another acclimatization day in C1. Let’s enjoy the walk up the Western Cwm.”

Moeses Fiamonici

“It’s a great privilege to make some plans with Valeriy Babanov, resident of Chamonix-France, two time PIOLET D’OR champion here at Everest base camp.
We share the ambitious plan to climb the world’s highest mountain without resorting to supplement oxygen!
I’m grateful that life constantly brings me extraordinary people and I’m honored to be next to someone as experienced as Valeriy Babanov, an enlightened human being with radiant charisma!”

Madison Mountaineering

“Another beauty of a day in Everest Base Camp!
With another acclimatization rotation coming up, the team spent one final day in the lower Khumbu glacier sharpening their skills before they venture into the icefall and to Camps 1, 2, and 3. Touching Camp 3 at 7230m / 23,720ft will build vital acclimatization for the team’s summit rotation, as well as technical expertise for moving up the route.
Good times in the Himalaya!”

Rhett Evans

“Today we spent more time on the ice, working on our technical climbing skills while continuing to acclimatize. I knew going into this that the process was time-consuming, but I underestimated how painstaking it would be…. The process requires a lot of patience, something I have little of… I seem to be living the same day, eating the same food, sleeping through the same cold night, and following the same routine over and over again. It’s a mental test of fortitude, that’s for sure! I’m working to make the most of it. I continue to tell myself – “It takes time, for the body to make the necessary adaptations, you can’t afford to rush this, especially at your age! Just relax and enjoy the journey”.

“The company I am climbing with has 25 Everest permits and we are divided into 3 climbing teams based on several factors, including our arrival to EBC. The first team is made up of all Chinese climbers who arrived at EBC a few days before us. They will leave tonight at 2:00 am for a full rotation, which will include the Icefalls, Camp I, Camp II, “touching” Camp III before returning back to Camp II for another night and then back to EBC. Approx. 4 days. We are scheduled to do the same in two day’s time.

“Yesterday we participated in a traditional Puja Ceremony. A deeply spiritual and culturally significant event for the Sherpas and those that practice Buddhism and Hinduism. It serves to honor Mt. Everest’s sacredness while seeking blessings for a safe passage, guidance and protection. A Buddhist Lama performed the ceremony which takes place at the base of the ‘Puja’/Alter. The Lama prepared offerings for the Gods, which included food, beverages, juniper branches, incense and other symbolic items that were laid out at the Puja including our climbing gear. These offerings along with various prayers and chants are intended to appease the mountain deities. Now that the Ceremony has concluded, we are “Welcome to continue our upward journey on Mt. Everest”.



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