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Everest 2024

Everest Updates – 29th April


Updates on 29th April from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2024



Seven Summit Treks

“The team of Sherpas from Seven Summit Treks, under the management of the Expedition Operator’s Association of Nepal (EOA), completed fixing the rope lines at South Col (Camp IV 7950m) this afternoon. Accordingly the route to Camp IV of Mt. Everest and Lhotse has been opened for all climbers for rotation and acclimatization hikes. More than 390 permits for Everest and 130+ permits for Lhotse have been issued to date. Earlier this spring season, Seven Summit Treks successfully opened the summit routes on Makalu and Annapurna I.”

Everest Lhotse fixing team
1. Mingma Dendi Sherpa
2. Tenjing Gyalje Sherpa
3. Namgel Dorjee Tamang
4. Pemba Tashi Sherpa
5. Gelje Sherpa
6. Dawa Sherpa
7. Phurba Chhotar Sherpa
8. Suku Bahadur Tamang
9. Lakpa Rinjin Sherpa
10. Tashi Sherpa
11. Pam Dorjee Sherpa

Summit Climb Team

“The weather is very good today and the members are resting in C1. Some Sherpas have gone up to set up C2.”

Valeriy Babanov

“Two days ago, I climbed to C2 at an altitude of 7000m.
Further, I managed to climb to the Yellow Bend of Rocks and even a little higher: in the direction of C4 to climb Lhotse to an altitude of 7600m.
Higher up, at that moment, the fixed ropes ran out.
And just yesterday, a fixing team of high-altitude Sherpas hung a rope to the South Col at 8000 meters.
I would like to draw your attention to the fact that now, at altitudes between 6800 meters and 7600 m, there are many places with open blue ice.
Therefore, fit and sharpen your crampons well.
To avoid misunderstandings on long ice slopes.
As you remember, luck always favors the strong and prepared!”

Furtenbach Adventures

“After 7.5 hours of climbing through the Khumbu Icefall, our Classic South Team has reached Camp 1 on Everest. All other teams are in Camp 1 and Camp 2 on Mera Peak.”

Tendi Sherpa

“I feel pretty blessed to be sitting on the lap of Mount Everest. This is my 21st Everest expeditions and it’s always an honor to be back here to work in this special place! Not everyone has such a office 
Over the past two decades of climbing here I witnessed that quite a lot of things has changed on Everest but this mountain always remained most unique, special, tough and beautiful for me!”

Arnold Coster

“Today our team summit Lobuche east in record time. Meanwhile our staff been busy pitching tents in BC awaiting teams arrival. Weather is great and logistics go smoothly.”

Rama Thakur

“I have started my training and I am very much determined to succeed. My goal is to overcome all the challenges that come my way. Please wish me luck!”

Moeses Fiamoncini

“Today, we descended to Gorak Shep, climbed Kalapatar up to an altitude of 5600 metres and then returned to base camp.”

Ngaa Tenji Sherpa

“The route has already been fixed up to Camp 4 by the fixing teams. The remaining climbers are engaged in rotations up to 7000m, while all Sherpa climbers are occupied with setting up the campsite and depositing necessary supplies.”

David Fathalikhani

“Puja Ceremony today with the Pioneer Expeditions team in base camp asking Chomolungma for safe passage for our climb ahead before we begin our rotations higher on the mountain. In these moments of spiritual ritual I always appreciate finding quiet connection to our surroundings and the blessings we have received in life to be here on this journey.”

Devon M Lévesque

“God I know you’re out there & I know you have a plan…but damn… the ice fall? Really?
China denied our visas… So we’re climbing from the Nepal side which means going head first into the khumbu ice fall.
It’s weird because we got our permits to climb from the China side. Unfortunately there’s a disconnect between the permits and who’s allowed into the country from the government based in Beijing which has led to too long of a delay to be granted access into the country, which means we would likely miss a summit window if we wait to even get into China. Not stoked as Nepal is the more packed side… I was excited about Tibet because they Vet all the climbers experience that come through which is how @drjonkedski and I got our permits to climb Tibet in the first place. Nepal doesn’t check experience which means there’s a little more risk with a bit more less experienced climbers on Nepal side (not saying everyone on this side is inexperienced, there are phenomenal climbers on Nepal side) it’s def bit more crowded which means more room for error though. Means we have to be a bit more strategic and patient… and Not to mention this ice fall takes lives every year…
All Good, I trust what God has planned and we decided to more forward and climb from Nepal (south side)
28 days till summit 
Just heard there’s a bit more then 25 ladders to cross… America ninja warrior time!”

Everest One Team

“Everyone is doing well at Camp 2 (6400m). They reached there yesterday after navigating the gruelling Khumbu Icefall and stayed at Camp 1 for a night the day before.
Today is rest day, they’ll head up to Camp 3 and plan to be back down at base camp on Wednesday, May 1st. From there, they’ll take the rest they need before going back up for the summit push.
There’s no reception up there but we’re able to receive short updates through Garmin inReach and had these amazing photos from Phunuru when he’s back at base camp today.”

SummitClimb and SummitTrek Team

“Greetings from camp 1!  The ice fall route evolves annually to navigate the Khumbu Glacier’s ice flow. This year’s path is a winding journey, occasionally dipping before rising once more. Personally, I’m leaning towards a straight-up approach.  Team members trickled in at different times, eager for some well-deserved rest and shut-eye. Despite the gusty winds, the sun has been shining bright up here. 

The views? Absolutely breathtaking! Surrounded by a majestic amphitheater of stunning mountains.”

Garrett Madison

“We had a nice puja ceremony in base camp today, asking the mountain for safe passage as we gear up for our first rotation to the higher camps on Everest..we couldn’t have asked for a better day!
The team had a nice rest and some have been enjoying massages in our heated ‘relaxation dome’ compliments of @leharanepal
A few friends stopped by camp to say hello, we had a great dinner followed by a film and we’re off to bed…life in base camp is pretty nice!”

Lakpa Sherpa

“Most team members have completed their climbing rotations and are currently resting at Everest Base Camp (EBC). While they recuperate, our esteemed Sherpa team is meticulously planning the setup of Camps 3 and 4.
Our focus transcends merely reaching the summit; it’s about the collective journey we undertake. The camaraderie within our team is our most valuable asset! Every step forward is fueled by the unwavering support and solidarity of our remarkable team members. Together, let’s aim to conquer not only Everest but also our personal limitations.”


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