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Everest 2022

Furtenbach Adventures – Everest 2022

Everest 2022 updates from the ‘Furtenbach Adventures’ Team!

7th May

Puja Ceremony today. This team is ready for the summit push. Our superstar Sherpas did an amazing job on the mountain. We are greatful and humble and admire their strength and positive vibes. THANK YOU SHERPA TEAM, YOU ARE THE POWER BEHIND ALL THIS!

5th May

Mera Peak summit. All 16 Everest & Lhotse Flash and Signature members summited Mera Peak only 6 days after leaving Kathmandu. We spent a couple of nights above 6000m and finished our acclimatization. From the base of Mera we took a helicopter to Everest basecamp and we are now enjoying our basecamp facilities and waiting for a summit window. Our Everest Flash expedition is now running for a total of 9 days and we are ready for the summit push. We have to climb through the icefall only once. This is the essence of Flash climbing.