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Everest 2022

Alpine Ascents – Everest 2022

Everest 2022 updates from the Alpine Ascents Team led by Ben Jones!

3rd May

Tonight we will head back up to Camp 1 for one night and then to Camp 2 the next day. Our goal for this rotation is to “touch” Camp 3, completing our acclimatization rounds on the mountain in preparation for our summit bid. We have had several days of rest here at Basecamp, helping our bodies recover from our first acclimatization round to Camps 1 and 2. Our climbing Sherpa will be heading to Camp 4 (South Col) carrying oxygen and provisions for our stay there when we head up for our summit bid. Once we return from this rotation and the climbing Sherpa have stocked the South Col we will be ready after a few days rest to plan for the summit. The other major component before we can be ready to head up for the summit will be when the fixing team is able to summit, placing the fixed lines from the South Col to the summit which is expected sometime around the 10th of May depending on weather. Our team is healthy, rested, and excited to be continuing up on the mountain tonight! We are taking showers today, and enjoying the perfect weather here at Basecamp today. Gopal our Chef and his helpers; Pasang, Amrit, Kumar, and Kaje have been feeding us well and taking good care of the team here at Basecamp! Most evenings we have been watching movies in the heated dining tent, and during the day everyone has been taking good care of themselves reading (Shine) keeping up on hockey scores (Ross), and closing real estate deals (Tim). I will update again from Camp 1 tomorrow.

1st May

The last couple of days we have been resting and relaxing here in Basecamp. We have had some snow showers for the last couple of days but now looks like the sun is breaking through with better weather ahead. We are looking at going back up for our second rotation to culminate with a climb to camp 3 tomorrow night. It’s been great to be back at Basecamp with full appetites, hot showers, wifi, plenty of sleep and the always interesting dinner conversation!