Monday, May 27, 2024
Everest 2022

Madison Mountaineering – Everest 2022

Everest 2022 updates from the Madison Mountaineering Team!

The 2022 crew includes Garrett Madison, Chase Merriam, Cameron Kenny, Sara Safari, Javier Beiza, Carter Beck, Saskia MJ, Dwight Crow, Josh Garrison, David Courtney and Todd Ammerman among others.

9th May

Our climbers are still resting in Namche as part of their dropback. We’ll fly back to base camp on Wednesday, the 11th.

Today we hiked up to Khumjung, a village just a little ways above Namche. We visited the monastery there where the monks were in the process of reading the Kangyur. It is a 108 volume set of scriptures that tells the life of The Buddha. It happens just once a year and the reading rotates from monastery to monastery around the valley. So it was kind of a special occasion to catch it there. We listened to part of that and we also looked at the reputed Yeti scalp, which is in the monastery there in Khumjung. Then we walked back and had lunch in Namche.

Now we are just relaxing before bed. All in all it was a really pleasant day and we’re looking forward to another one tomorrow.

6th May

The team flew down to Namche Bazaar and has started their “dropback” period where the lower elevation will give their bodies time to recover from altitude. Everest guide Terray Sylvester provides today’s expedition dispatch:

Hello! This is Terray calling in for the Madison Mountaineering Mount Everest and Lhotse expedition. It’s May 6th.

Today our climbers flew down from base camp (5310m/17,421ft) to Namche Bazaar (3440m/11,290ft). It was a bit cloudy in the morning which delayed helicopter flights but all of us took off from base camp by about 3:30pm / 4:00pm and made it down to Namche not too long after. So, we will rest here for a few days before flying back up to base camp to begin our summit push.

People are feeling well and looking forward to the excellent coffee, hamburgers, pizza, pastries, and other good things to enjoy here in Namche before we get back up to base camp.