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Everest 2022

SummitClimb – Everest 2022

Everest 2022 updates from the Dan Mazur and the ‘SummitClimb’ Team!


9th May

Two of our members would Iike to try without oxygen, so they are now in the camp 3 – camp 4 area doing high altitude training for oxygenless ascents. Two of our strongest Everest summitter Sherpas are accompanying them, caring extra oxygen, masks, and regulators in case of emergency. The weather is mildly overcast, warm with light snow

1st May

Today is snowy, with a fair amount of the feathery white staff falling and flying and blowing around. Today’s weather forecast said we would receive 15cm of fresh snow, and it appears to be coming true. What to do on our snow day? Some members are hiking around c2 saying hello to various teams. Others are sleeping in their tents. Many are in the team dining tent (where all of 20 of us comfortably fit) drinking tea, reading books, watching movies.

30th April

Active rest in c2. Camp 2 itself is a long lateral moraine made up of rocks and ice laying on the north side of the western cwm. C2 begins at around 6300m and goes up to about 6500m. There are numerous small coves and shelves, and side valleys upon which one may place a camp site including kitchen tent, dining tent, toilet tent, and all manner of sleeping tents. Think 20 of these sites and u can imagine what a bustling place c2 is. Today we are having active rest by walking to the top of camp 2 and a bit further. So we are shaking our cobwebs out for a few hours today