Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Everest 2021

So near but so far for Yaashi on Everest

Yaashi Jain came close to reaching the Everest summit this year, very close in fact but although the disappointment hurts, it has not put her off from giving it another go in the future.

“The past few days were hard for me although after not being able to do my Everest summit I was positive that not this year but surely next year I’ll be able to do it.

“But only staying positive within doesn’t mean you are positive, sometimes your surroundings can be negative too and affect you too…

“After coming back from the expedition many people have asked me why I wasn’t able to complete my expedition, why I wasn’t able to reach the summit when many others did..

“But who will explain to them the toughness of the mountains? Why did I return after getting close twice? It was not easy for me to turn around from camp 4 which was just 800m away from summit and once from camp 3.

“The only reason I came down was that I didn’t want to risk my life as I have tried twice for the summit and after coming back to base camp and attempting it again I didn’t know how my body would react to the extreme stress and pressure, as I was tired already.

“There are chances that while attempting my body can collapse or get exhausted, or if I would have gone up again would I have lost any of my fingers due to frostbite etc…. Keeping all of these things in my mind I chooe my life, my health over Everest because mountains will be always there and you only live once so you can again come back to the mountains anytime.

“When you are in the mountains, you already know that everything is at risk but it is you who decides the extent of it. You should know where the end of the line is and I knew mine.

“Taking everything in a positive way and moving ahead in life! Thank you for the constant support everyone.”



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