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Everest 2023 Updates – 25th April


Updates from 25th April from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2023 


Today’s Everest News

Rope fixers close in on an early summit while teams begin their rotations, with some already tagging Camp 2.



Julie McKelvey

If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere

The virus I’ve been battling with for weeks seemed to be getting better until Tendi and I headed out for first rotation to Camp 1 on Sunday. I progressively got worse as the day went on with violent coughing and weakness. Tendi made the call to turn around and go back to BC and Everest Docs confirmed a chest infection and urgent for me to get to hospital and lower altitude.

Plan is more tests to rule out potential issues and 3-7 days of rest then if, and only if I’m 100%, I go back to BC and we continue. So many unknowns right now but in meantime I rest, get pumped full of antibiotics, hydrate, eat tons of French fries, enjoy normal Wi-Fi connection and stay in the moment, there’s still time for me to summit if it works out that way🙏🏻

Huge thanks to @tendiguide for taking such amazing care of me @pembageljesherpa for helping me get down the mountain and my new amazing friend @ellietlawrence for being there just like a friend of 20 years would be. I cannot say enough about this @climbingthesevensummits family the absolute best people on earth who care so so much about all of us and all the details


Guy Williment

At Everest Base Camp.

What an incredible and wild place this is. A city of tents and dreams at the base of the highest mountain in the world.

It sometimes feels like Man vs Nature here… I’ve never been in a landscape where it feels so alive. The ground constantly moving and cracking around you and avalanches become a thing of the norm…. something I’m definitely not used to.

Very grateful to be here documenting for @climbingthesevensummits. & Just to clarify I am NOT climbing Everest. I have just been following along with the climbers as their prepare for their summit push.

Big love Team



Climbing The Seven Summits

Lots of movement on the mountain for our Mt Everest and Lhotse teams. We’ve had several climbers tag camp 2 already and they are currently returning to base camp today while others took a walk to camp 2 today and will spend another night at camp 1 before descending. The Seattle boys and our Personal Sherpa Everest and Lhotse climbers made their first pass through the icefall today and are safely at camp 1. Our Western Guided team has the toughest job of all- they are resting in the comfort of EBC eating fresh cinnamon rolls, getting massages at the spa, drinking mochas and taking in the mountain light before heading up on a longer rotation to tag camp 3 tonight.



Richard Walker

Our first stop has been the incredible Namche Bazaar, and it’s been fantastic to meet the Sherpa people along the way who have been helping our first few days of day treks are run smoothly.