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DiariesEverest 2022

Everest Diaries – 8th May

A summary of events from the slopes of Everest on 8th May 2022.

Taken from Social Media and Team Pages.


Kenton Cool

The time has come when we need to look upwards and consider a summit attempt.

The team has rested down the valley in Namche, the thicker air allowing our bodies to recover from the rigours of the rotation to Camp 3.

The Sherpas have worked super hard on our behalf (they really are the superhero’s of the mountain) and the logistics are all in place.

Finally the fixing team of Sherpas reached the summit at 18.55 last night (very late) thus opening the mountain for the teams at BC. It should be noted that the fixing team all made it down to C4 safely despite the lateness of the summit!!

So we have no more excuses to delay, the weather looks good, we are primed….it’s time to climb!!


Ascent Himalayas

Team arrived at camp 2(6400m) safely.

They will be resting tomorrow before moving to camp 3.Everyone is in good shape.


Vanessa Estol

Tonight we are going to our summit push

The weather looks VERY good, unlike last year, there seem to be several good days for the summit, we aim for 14/15.
We go slowly so the plan is
9/5 camp 1
10/5 camp 2
11/5 pitch 2 (break)
12/5 camp 3
13/5 camp 4
5/14 Everest Summit
15/5 mattress day due to weather
5/16 camp 2
5/17 break on pitch 2
5/18 basecamp

In case of bad weather we could stay a little higher but this is our plan A. I have my inreach and through that link you can see where we are going (until the battery lasts).
I will be disconnected from the networks for a few days but when possible I will upload some news to face for the inreach.
Thank you all for your good wishes and for following our expedition, now more than ever I need your support
If I achieve the summit, it would be the first Uruguayan at 8848 meters
Don’t worry if you don’t have news for a few days, I’m going with the best team and I’m sure everything will be perfect.


Clayton Wolfe

A weather window is developing which will allow me a chance to climb to the summit of Mt. Everest!

It will take 4-days of climbing to get into position at Camp 4, 26,000ft, (The South Col). I need to get to C4 on-time to take advantage of this small window of opportunity.

If everything goes perfectly to plan:

•I’ll leave tonight at 1am into the Khumbu Icefall climbing for about 7 hours to reach C2, 21,300ft ~7am.

•Once at C2, I’ll rest and prep for a 5am departure from C2, arrive C3, 23,000ft ~7:30am.

•I’ll rest at C3 for the day and prep for a 5am departure from C3 to scale the remaining 3,000ft of the Lhoste Face, Yellow Bands, and Geneva Spur arrive C4, 26,000ft ~10am.

•Once at C4, I’ll rest for the day and plan to leave around midnight to climb under the cover of darkness, hopefully reaching the Everest summit of 29,035ft around sunrise!

•From there, I’ll descend the entire 8,000ft to C2 and head to EBC the next morning.

• In 2020 my Everest expedition was cancelled 9-days prior to departure due to the pandemic closing the world down.

• In 2021 I reached C4, only to abort the summit push due to severe illness with a teammate, returning to C2 to realize the illness was Covid, and an outbreak at C2 21,300ft ensued. We evacuated C2 due to the outbreak and the landing of Cylone YAAS from the Bay of Bengal that same day, rushing from C2 to EBC in a snow storm/ white out.

• It’s 2022, I’ve committed over 6 years of my life to climb Mt. Everest. I know first hand that anything can happen, and hardship can overcome success, and at the end of the day Mother Nature will have the last say.

I owe it out of respect to Mt. Everest to give it everything I got, mind, body, and spirt. That’s the effort I’ll always give.

Waiting for Ukrainian and Ukrainian flag at the top of Everest
Friends, it’s not like the mountains lately. But still. Maybe in the coming days the flag of Ukraine will rise over Everest.
Today part of the Seven Summit Treks team came out of base camp in second with the goal of further climbing to the summit.
The team has Ukrainian Antonina Samoilova, who rises to the top in order to draw attention to the war once again.
Antonini 32 years old, has been living in Mexico for quite a long time. Many can say that now is not the time to go to Everest. But if Tonya can get even more attention like this and then raise funds for help – why not?
Also from the mission #ClimbForPeace with the Ukrainian flag will try to reach the top of Lithuanian Stas, this year the only participant from Kuluar on Everest.

If everything goes according to plan, the climbing will take place 11-12.05
So let the Ukrainian flags over the top of Everest become a symbol of our future and as soon as possible victory!
We wish Tony, Stas and the whole team strength, patience and good luck!



 8K Expeditions

***Mt.Dhaulagiri Summit Update ***

Today on 8th May 2022 our Mt. Dhaulagiri I Expedition Team successfully summited the top at 11:00 A.M .

Mt Dhaulagiri is the seventh highest mountain in the world at the height of 8167 meters above the sea level.

We would heartily like to congratulate the whole entire team for the successful summit and wish them safe decent down. Cheers!!!

•Our Team:
>Ms.Kristin Harila – Norway

•Our Strong Sherpa Team:
>Mr.Pasdawa Sherpa
>Mr.Mingma Thendu Sherpa
>Mr.Dawa Ongju Sherpa

We would like to wish her great success for her next Climb to Mt. Kangchenjunga, 3rd world highest in the world .