Monday, May 27, 2024
Everest 2024

Everest Updates – 10th May


Updates on 10th May from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2024



Seven Summit Treks Team

“Seven Summit Treks’ rope fixing team attained the historic summit of Everest (सगरमाथा), first in the Spring 2024 at 20:15 (Nepal Time) today, 10 May 2024. 10 climbing Sherpas from Seven Summit Treks under the management of Expedition Operators of Nepal (EOA) have reached the top of Mount Everest, becoming the first climbers of the season to summit the world’s highest mountain from the Nepal side.”
“With this the pursuit of Everest begins and is open for all the climbers.
“Our hearts are filled with proud and respect for our fixing team:
1. Dendi Sherpa
2. Tenjing Gyalje Sherpa
3. Namgel Dorjee Tamang
4. ⁠Suk Bahadur Tamang
5. Dawa Rinje Sherpa
6. ⁠Dawa Sherpa
7. ⁠Rinji Sherpa
8. ⁠Pemba Tashi Sherpa
9. ⁠Pam Dorje Sherpa
10. ⁠Lakpa Sherpa
“The summit team is currently descending, and we are now all set for the Everest summit bid with our international climbers at the base camp and high camp. We thank the SPCC and Icefall doctors for fixing ropes up to Camp 2, and EOA for the support and collaboration in fixing the route above.”

Hannah Wise

“Back from our first (and last) rotation on Everest! We navigated through the Khumbu Icefall (hard ), spent two nights at Camp 1 (19,900 ft), followed by three nights at Camp 2 (21,300 ft). After a rest day in Camp 2, we climbed up the Lhotse Face (harder ) to tag Camp 3 (23,300 ft) my elevation PR to date!  Our team is now recovering down in Namche (11,000 ft) for several days until we’re ready to head back up for our summit push! Looking forward to stuffing my face with lots of fried chicken sandwiches and sleeping in a bed that does not involve a sleeping bag.”

Jigme Pelden Dorji

“Mt Everest route for 2024 has officially opened today. The rope fixing team has made a tremendous effort to the summit of Everest.
Our team will be heading towards the summit anytime soon if the weather permits.
I’m privileged that I’m in the first group of people who will summit the Everest 2024″

Adventure Consultants Team

“We are back in Everest Base Camp. It’s amazing how relative comforts can be. The lower altitude at Base Camp, where the air is thicker and life seems a bit easier, is a welcome change to Camp 2.
Moving to Camp 2 in a single push, we made better time through the icefall before a break at Camp 1. We felt like ants in a bathtub, dwarfed in the Western Cwm, as temperatures rose and we stripped off layers of clothes. Arriving at the bottom end of Camp 2, we scrabbled over snow covered rocks to wearily step into Camp.
After a rest day we climbed the Lhotse Face to Camp 3. The weather was everything, from cold winds whipping snow across the Face, to enveloping cloud, light snow and hot temperatures. Finn even had to remove his light down onesie, not an easy thing to do on steep icy terrain. Gaining height, the South West Face loomed nearby and the couloir crucial to the 1975 ascent was visible. The Yellow Band and Generva Spur grew larger and larger until the cloud covered everything and we were in our own bubble with about 50m visibility.
Pulling over an icy bulge, Camp 2 appeared and we found a snowy ledge to rest on. At over 7000m, the height was a new record for the team apart from Steve. The effort was worthwhile.
We left Camp 2 at 5am this morning and were back at Base Camp before lunch.
Rob, Ang Dorje and the AC team.”

Gautam Khim Lal

“Rope fixing on Everest is now complete! Congratulations to all the rope fixing climbers who reached the summit for the first time of this spring season in 2024. We wish all permitted climbers and guides a safe climbing to the top of the world’s highest peak.”

Garth Miller

“Heading Up!
The weather delay has cost me 24hrs – adding a little pressure to my goal of achieving a London – Everest summit – London round trip ‘lightning ascent’ in just 21 days.
Weather delays are the norm on big climbs, and in a typical 9-10wk Everest expedition they can be a welcome break. Not for me, not this time.
It’s time to move up. The plan is to move directly through the icefall to overnight at Camp 1 (6100m). Tomorrow move to Camp 2 (6400m) with the intent to ‘tag’ Camp 3 (7100m) the next day and return to Base Camp.
In the past Everest expeditions would make more frequent ‘rotations’ through the icefall and sleep at increasingly higher Camps on each rotation.
Now, many climbers will acclimatise on some of the easier 6000m peaks in the Everest region (Island Peak, Lobuche East) so that they can minimise the number of times they are exposed to risk in the Icefall.
This will be my only rotation. After tagging Camp 3 the plan is to return to Base Camp, recover and then push for the summit.”

Fernando Maciel

“7200 meters today. Staying present and in the moment, in love with the journey. I feel amazing up high with no headaches. Full of gratitude with each day. Something to note- climate change is truly global whether floods in Brazil or on the slopes of Mt Everest. There was no snow this past winter on Everest – its jusy covered in blue ice. This week we got snow at C3 luckily, leaving our climb less complicated. I hope nature calms and settles down.”

Rhett Evans

“Recovery underway – A big shout out to the Helicopter pilots, doctors and nurses who have placed me on the road to recovery. And a heartfelt thank you, to everyone who offered prayers and well wishes! I’m out of the hospital now and doing everything I can too get rid of the bronchitis (which I thought was just a “cough”) and the tendon inflammation that has plague my hands and left leg. The doctor has me lying low for the next few days…. I’m hoping to gain back a few of the 13 pounds I’ve lost.”



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