Thursday, June 13, 2024
Everest 2024

Everest Updates – 9th May


Updates on 9th May from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2024



Climbalaya Team

“Climbalaya’s Everest team proudly leads the way, as the first to enter Tibet and is set to head towards base camp tomorrow. Our incredible team has successfully crossed the border this morning and is en route to Thingri!
With meticulous preparation, our base camp stood ready, eagerly awaiting the arrival of our clients.”

Madison Mountaineering

“Just back in base camp from our first rotation to acclimatize up at camps 1,2, and 3 on on the Lhotse face of Mount Everest…we had some snowfall but mostly good conditions overall. Now time for a short rest before our final rotation.
Our Lhotse climbers are in camp 2 preparing to head up in a few days to begin their summit push, meanwhile our Nuptse team will head to high camp tomorrow for their summit attempt.
The weather is starting to look good and we are eagerly anticipating the climbs ahead!”

Kensaku Seki

“The weather forecast changed and we decided to leave for the summit tonight. If all goes well, we plan to summit Everest early in the morning on the 13th. Finally! It’s a mixture of nervousness and excitement. Well, I’m off!”

Jigme Pelden Dorje

“Waiting for the final push towards the summit which can happen anytime once the window period is open. (Appx a week).
Elevation gained till now is 6480 masl.
Everything good as of now and my oxygen level at the basecamp is 94% and 82% at camp 2 which is really good.”

Courtenay Roche

“ACCLIMATIZATION ROTATION DONE!! 6 days of punishing my body so she’ll be slightly less shocked when I push her even harder next time very dramatic. maybe i let the altitude get to my head….going to recover in Namche for a few days before we head up for the summit push! been dreaming of those chicken sandwiches since we left camp 2 this morning by tomorrow morning I’ll be gone, girl…”

Rhett Evans

“Medical treatment is underway – The helicopter arrived around 8:30 AM at EBC and took me to Lukla where another helicopter was waiting to take me to the Kathmandu airport. An ambulance then transported me to the hospital. Evidently, I was more beat up than I thought… They’ve been working on my joints and tendons in both hands along with my left leg. They seem to be inflamed and are not wanting to move without pain. A chest X-ray showed there’s a little more going on with this cough than I thought…. Will work on getting the lungs heathy before I head back up to EBC. Also, I was quite dehydrated, as I am now on my third IV. They want to keep me overnight, but I’m going to push to get out of here this evening, as I know I will sleep better in a hotel room vs a hospital bed. I’m glad to be able to start the recovery process. Looking at the weather window for the summit It looks like I’ll have plenty of time to get better. As of now, they still have not been able to secure the fixed lines to the summit, due to poor weather.”

Hugo Ayaviri

“I am back at Base Camp after two rotations on the upper camps. I climbed to 7600m. The weather was terrible, with snow, polar cold and winds of over 100 km/h. I’m now resting before embarking on the summit push. Because of the cold, I have an angina called “Khumbu cough”. I’m taking care of myself and resting.
I’d particularly like to thank the agency @8kexpeditions for their excellent logistics, which enabled me to have a tent and good food at camps 1 and 2. Many thanks for their support too.
The bad weather is here until May 9 or 10, then it will be much better. I’m thinking about my strategy for attempting the summits.
I’ll let you know when I leave for the higher camps to attempt both summits.”

Garth Miller

Bad weather has moved in, meaning no movement on the mountain today.
It’s a day of board games, reading, and talking – the old fashioned things people used to do.
Time to reflect on the task ahead…”

Vladimir Kotylar

“Acclimatization program is done. Unfortunately, in the process, I got sick and lost my voice. But after acclimatization, we went on vacation in Namche Bazar and in 5 days of vacation I recovered and almost recovered. True, my voice is creepy so far, but at least I can speak now.
Tomorrow we plan to fly out to the base camp and wait for the ropes and the weather window there.”

Tim Howell

“This morning at 2.30 Jon and I were geared up and ready to go through the Khumbu ice fall.
Unfortunately my cough has been getting worse, causing a pain in my abdomen, so I’m heading down to Katmandu to recover for a few days. Sort myself out with a few IVs, some tests and get back up to base camp feeling 100%
We are very fortunate that the weather looks very stable in the coming weeks. I want to be feeling 100% when we go for the push. This slight delay gives the Sherpas some breathing room to fix the lines. And in a day or two we should know the access and more details about the exit. I’m still feeling very positive and know we’re doing the right thing too have the best chances.”



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