Thursday, June 13, 2024
Everest 2024

Everest Updates – 7th May


Updates on 7th May from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2024



Department of Tourism

“A  total of 414 climbers, including 75 women and 339 men of 41 mountaineering groups have so far been permitted to climb Mount Everest.”

Climbalaya Team

“Exciting news from the Tibet Himalaya Expedition team!
The summit route to Everest North has officially opened at 10:10 am NST on May 6th. Huge congratulations to the fixing team for the hard work and dedication!
Our visa applications have been accepted, and on the morning of 9th May, we will cross the border and head towards Thingri. By May 10th, we are set to reach base camp.
What an exhilarating journey lies ahead for the incredible team!”

Kensaku Seki

“From base camp to camp 1, it took 7 hours and 40 minutes last time, but this time it took only 6 hours.
We took a short break at camp 1 and started for camp 2 around 8:30. The weather was good that day, and the temperature was rising steadily. Western Combe is surrounded by snow on almost 360 degrees. The strong sunlight at 6000m and the glare on the snow surface made it painful to open my eyes even with sunglasses on. The heat and sunlight had completely drained my energy, and I couldn’t keep up my pace. It took me four hours to get from Camp 1 to Camp 2. Still, I was able to walk in one day the section that took me two days last time. I realized that I was able to acclimatize to the high altitude.”

Rhett Evans

“We returned back to EBC yesterday afternoon after successfully completing our rotation. Unfortunately, on the descent a tendon, low on my left leg became extremely painful. To the point where I had a hard time making the last 1/2 mile. This morning it had bruised and is swollen. I’m unable at this point to put on my mountaineering boot due to the swelling and pain. After discussing the situation with the medical staff, they feel it’s best for me to be taken by helicopter to a hospital in Kathmandu for treatment. A medical helicopter was dispatched, but then grounded due to a heavy storm we are currently experiencing. I probably will not get out today given the low clouds and snow. It will be tomorrow morning. Fortunately, the next 5-6 days are scheduled recovery time in preparation for our summit push once the fixed lines have been set and a weather window opens. Most teams based on experience and science, go down to a lower elevation for a week after completing their rotations in order to generate more red blood cells and to recover from the wear and tear the body has gone through the last three + weeks. I have a few other issues I’m dealing with in both hands along with battling the “Khumbu cough” which is now in my chest. I’m confident I can recover quickly at a lower altitude and with the right medical attention. I’ll be back on the mountain in no time ready to take on the 6 day summit push!”

Garth Miller

“Today, after a very aggressive altitude gain over the last few days, is a rest day.
It’s an opportunity to seek out some old friends, familiar faces and to meet some of the other climbers at Base Camp. It’s also time to get to know the incredible Nepali staff who make expeditions like this possible.
Despite all the social media hubris which might suggest otherwise, unless you are cut from the same cloth as Reinhold Messner nobody can climb this peak without their support.”

Neszmelyi Emil

“My local sources have confirmed that the first expedition reached the top of the world today, making them the first in 2024 In addition, the rope fixing team reached the top on the Tibetan side of Everest, i.e. on the side demanding to overcome more technical and longer distances.
While the Chinese expeditions were free to acclimatize on this site, foreigners did not receive entry permission from the Chinese authorities, citing national holidays and other excuses. But as the Chinese climbers are soon ready for the summit, it was expected that on the Tibetan side the rope-tying team would also head towards the summit.
They reached the peak today, while on the Nepalese side, yesterday the local rope fixing team reached the 8516 meter high peak of the neighboring Lhotse. These ropes can be used by both bottle climbers and bottle climbers during their peak attacks. Everest’s Nepalese side is expected to reach its peak in the coming days.”

Kristin Harila

“Every piece of trash picked up is a step towards a cleaner mountain. From plastic to metal, each item collected matters. I encourage everyone to take at least one piece of waste when descending Mount Everest and deposit it at the deposit area so that we can preserve the natural beauty of our climbing destinations.
Special thanks to @sevensummittreks and the cleanup crew that is working so hard at this cleanup project. Together we have made it easier to deposit waste at our waste area down by the base camp.”

Pemba Gelje Sherpa

“Exciting news from the Everest team as well! They have conquered their first rotation, reaching Lhotse face and returning to Base Camp safely. All members are in top-notch shape and eagerly preparing for the ultimate Everest Summit. Don’t miss out on the thrilling climbing, trekking, and training adventures in the majestic Himalayas with Expeditions High Mountain Treks!”

Extremos Team

“The Grade 6 team is back at Everest Base Camp, completing Cycle 2 of Acclimation. The guide, Carlos Santalena, informed that the ice block that collapsed at Cascata de Gelo ended up leaving the passage safer, without the need to make any variation. Santalena said: “the information does not proceed” regarding having spent an extra night at C2, waiting for the Ice Waterfall to reopen. They probably stayed an extra night to improve acclimatization. Soon we will have more information on how this cycle was.”

Kenton Cool

“It’s a rest day at Basecamp so why not test the camp shower!!!”



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