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Everest 2024

Everest Updates – 8th May


Updates on 8th May from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2024



Valeriy Babanov

“For me, this was a very important acclimatization climb to the top, the third in a row.
We were supposed to climb the South Col, 7900m and spend the night.
But at an altitude of 7400m, my assistant Sherpa named Lhakpa tells me that he can no longer go up because his eyes were burned by the sun, and he cannot see anything.
For the rest of the day, instead of going up, we are engaged in rescue operations to bring Lhakpa down to Camp 2.”

Kenton Cool

The team leave in the early hours to head back up to camp 2 and if the weather gods allow then higher on the hill!!!”

Angs Himalayan Adventures

“Sherpa Mingma Lama and Sonam Sherpa reached C4 deposited O2s yesterday morning and came down all the way down to Base Camp last night around 10 pm. Hard to match the strength of these young men.
Ready, locked and loaded for the summit push. Once the Mother Nature gives us a green signal we go for the summit push.”

Madison Mountaineering

“The Madison Mountaineering Everest, Lhotse, and Nuptse expedition team is tucked into Camp 2 for the night after another great day in the Western Cwm! The team took a small acclimatization hike and played some games in the team tents. A special ‘happy birthday’ goes out to climber, Tyler Shearburn who celebrated his 43rd birthday today on Mount Everest – we couldn’t think of many better ways to celebrate than spending time in this special place!
Our Mountain Cleanup Project expedition team is in base camp preparing to move forward with their summit rotation, cleaning up the different camps along the way!
“All is well here! Spirits are high and it’s great to be heading up the mountain.”

Garth Miller

“The infamous and frankly petrifying Khumbu Icefall. A dangerous tumbling sea of ice descending at a rate of 1m per day from Everest’s Western Cwn into the Khumbu Valley, it is a place you don’t want to linger.
After a hearty breakfast it’s time for my first foray into the Icefall – thankfully under the watchful eye of @da_jangbu Sherpa. Da Jangbu has summited Everest 13 times, and has very kindly taken me under his wing on this expedition sharing his immense knowledge, wisdom and experience.
Later, familiarisation with the Summit Oxygen system – a huge step forward from the old Russian MiG-pilot technology that I used on my previous Everest expedition.”

SummitClimb Team

“Phase 4, higher acclimatisation finished with a theatrical entrance from the kitchen staff to our dining tent carrying plates of flaming chicken sizzler. Not only looking great but tasted better than anything you’d get in the trekking lodges or restaurants on route . Well done cooks they really make fantastic food with very minimal equipment.
The rest, recuperate, reassess phase has now begun. Some of us walked the 2 days to Namche Bazaar for the oxygenated air, endless showers and change of scene for this phase. Others stayed at base camp. Either way we’ll take the positive effects of giving bodies and minds some down time while we wait for our string  Sherpas to stock higher camps with oxygen, tents , food and fuel.”


“I’ve been back at EBC for two days now after a successful second rotation. Things went mostly well up there and I am excited that the next time I go up will be for the big one! I slept great at camp 1 but had a lot more difficulty sleeping at camp 2 than usual (no sleep at all for two straight nights). I’m hoping for better sleep the next time I’m up there so I can feel as strong and focused as possible. 🤞🏼 I have also developed the infamous Khumbu cough so am hacking a good bit of the time. This cough is rampant through the camps at this point. Otherwise things are really good,I feel positive and excited for what is to come next. Tentatively we will be leaving basecamp on the very early morning of the 12(basically the evening of the 11th) for the summit and should arrive there on the 16th. This could always get pushed back though due to weather.”

Rohan Freeman

“Mission Aborted. I have been in Kathmandu for more than 24 hours getting some r & r and trying to figure my next move. I have lost more than 24 pounds, which is highly unusual for this point of the climb. I am eating everything in sight. My appetite is unyielding. I just eat all day and still crave more food. I am concerned about leaving mass food shortage here after I leave. At least I am supporting the local economy.
Sujan and I started out acclimatizing rotation to Camp 1 at 1 AM in the morning. It was actually a nice comfortable night. We got above SPCC 1 before we hit heavy traffic. Lots of Sherpas and climbers were coming down the mountain, which was pretty unusual. As it turns out, a section of the route below the football field had collapsed rendering the route impassable. Prior to that I was struggling. My breathing was fine and I felt well acclimatized for this elevation. My legs were not performing as usual. Needless to say we headed back to basecamp.
This has been a tale of two climbs. BC: before cold (not to be confused with (Before Christ) and AC: after cold (not to be confused with Anno Domini or air conditioning or Alternating current). BC I felt great and had a lot of fun. Many happy steps and acclimatizing very well.
It took a while for the cold to resolve but it finally did. After that life wasn’t the same. My pulse ox was registering great numbers but I didn’t have my endurance anymore. It’s pretty late in the season to get back to ebc, and get an acclimation rotation in and then summit. Mike Hammill at CTSS was willing to work with me and leave a small infrastructure in place until late May. my concern is safety for everyone around me. It’s high risk. I need more time to recuperate and make it work. As much as I want to go back, I think that I will abort this one. I can’t wait to give Emilia a hug. And that allure is more powerful than the calling of the mountains.”

Filipe Chamusca De Moura

“Acclimatization cycle completed! 
We went to camp 3 (7100m) and returned to base camp safely! Blessed by the mountain and the great weather! 🙏🏻
It’s been many years watching videos of the Khumbu Icefall and the Llotse wall! Being here and being able to make these images by myself is a dream!
Now it will be a few days resting and waiting for the summit window!”



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