Monday, July 22, 2024

Mosedale among 10 Nuptse summiteers

Mount Nuptse has recorded the season’s first summit with at least ten climbers successfully making it to the top of the 7,861-meter peak.

An expedition led by British climber Tim Mosedale reached the summit on Saturday afternoon, according to liaison officer Khimlal Gautam.

“They all are from Madison Mountaineering,” said Gautam.

Mosedale is on an ambitious mission to be the first person to climb the Everest Triple Crown in a single season. The Triple Crown is a term used to refer to three peaks in Everest massif : Everest, Lhotse and Nuptse.

Other Nuptse summitteer in the list include Steven Graham (UK), Jay John Whiting (UK), Garrett Maddision (USA), Chase Allen Marrian (USA) and Rebecca Jane Ferry (UK).

Climbing guides Aang Phurba Sherpa, Dawa Phurten Bhote, Dawa Tenji Sherpa and Pemba Chhiri Sherpa had fixed the ropes and assisted the climbers to reach the summit of the mountain.

Nuptse, a sister peak of Everest, is considered one of the toughest and technically difficult peaks to climb despite its smaller height. Less than 50 climbers have reached its true summit since its first ascent in 1961, according to the Himalayan Database.

A total of 57 climbers have obtained permits for climbing Mount Nuptse in the spring season, according to the department of tourism.

Others notable in the race for Nuptse include Marc Batard and Pasang Nuru Sherpa both of whom are climbing with their son via a new route that doesn’t require crossing the Khumbu icefall.