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Karakoram Diaries – 6th July

A round-up of today’s events on the mountains of the Karakoram.

Carlos Garranzo (K2)

“Carlos is in Advanced Base Camp with Taqi. They left this morning to sleep there and tomorrow they start early to climb C1 . His intention is to continue in the following days (4-5) to C2 and if he can, more. He will listen to his body and what it is saying to him. At the moment he is very well, he has been in BC for several days recharging his strength and it shows.”

“Yesterday there was a meeting of all the teams that are in the BC to discuss the issue of setting the route. They have reached an agreement and everyone is going to collaborate.

“Concordia’s SCOM antenna has broken down and will take several days to fix.

Fotis Theocharis (K2)

“I am at K2 Base camp after three nights spending at Camp 1 on K2.”

Sofie Lenaerts (Broad Peak)

“Yesterday at 4 h45 we left for camp1. Gigantic beautiful weather and beautiful view of K2! Despite the very limited places we were able to set up two tents there. We are now back in basecamp and resting for at least two days then it’s time for rotation to high camps.”

Fahad Badar (Broad Peak)

“Rotation plan, we moved up to camp 1 Broad Peak and we will spend the night here (Stephan, Mike, Said, Naila).

“Jordi, Raymond and Paula moved to K2 Camp 1.”

Manuel Gonzalez and Sergio Carrascosa (Nanga Parbat)

“We left towards C1! We have decided to go up, the weather is not the best but a window of good weather is foreseen between Wednesday and Thursday, with which we will try to go up to C2.”

Czech Team (Muchu Chhish)

“We continue with acclimatisation on the Marble mountain. We reached 5400m yesterday and established C2 camp. We hope to reach 6000m today to boost creation of our blood cells. It started snowing a lot so the weather forecast doesn’t seem to fit.”


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