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Everest 2023 Updates – 16th May


Updates from 16th May from those aiming to climb high on Everest in 2023 




It’s already confirmed. Mateo Isaza managed to climb to the summit of Mount Everest and did it in the best style that this mountain allows: no supplemental oxygen, no Sherpa, no assistance in height fields, in complete autonomy.
Colombian Himalayanism returns in full swing!!
At this moment Mateo is spending the night in Field 4 and tomorrow plans to continue the downhill to C2.
Congratulations and all the best energy to finish this amazing adventure.



Daniel Laidig

SUMMIT!!! (Allison update! When Daniel was in 7th grade, he read Into Thin Air, and since then he’s been dreaming of this. Wow. So proud of my husband and can’t wait to hear the stories of how God showed up on the trek up to the top of the world.)



Erwin Visser

After a few days of rest / recovery in the thick air of Namche Bazar we are back in Everest Basecamp. This morning went on acclimating hike to Prayer Flag point with great views on EBC, Khumbu Icefall and Mt Everest. Last pic I circled the @madisonmtng basecamp including an arrow to my tent. On May 18th, two days from now we will start our summit attempt with the goal to hit Everest Summit on the 23rd or 24th depending on weather / wind…



Trent Thorne

We now have our climbing plan, which is as follows:

1. Depart Everest Base Camp on 18 May 2023 heading to camp 2 – this will be a tough day as we will not be stopping at camp 1 (which we did on rotations 1 & 2) – should take about 15 hours;

2. 19 May 2023 – rest day camp 2 (6,500m);

3. 20 May 2023 – climb to camp 3 (7,300m);

4. 21 May 2023 – climb to camp 4 (8,000m) at the South Col, which should take about 6 hours (this will be all new terrain for me). Rest for the afternoon/early evening as we will be departing for the summit at 10pm;

5. 22 May 2023 – climb to summit of Mt Everest (8,848m) – all things going to plan, hopefully we will arrive at sunrise. Spend 30 min on the summit and then head back to the South Col for a well earned rest;

6. 23 May 2023 – climb to the summit of Lhotse (8,516m). This should take about 6 hours, and I will then descend all the way back to camp 2;

7. 24 May 2023 – descend back to Everest Base Camp.



Climbing The Seven Summits

Our lead summit team is on the move to the South Col!



Pioneer Adventures

Due to an unfortunate communication error originating from the summit to our base camp, we regret to inform you that adverse weather conditions, characterized by strong winds, have impeded progress. As a consequence, Bhagwan and Dandu were compelled to retreat from a position merely 20 meters shy of reaching the summit.
Currently situated at Camp II, they are diligently evaluating the prevailing circumstances and will provide us with a comprehensive update regarding the feasibility of another attempt to achieve a successful summit ascent.
Such unpredictability is an inherent characteristic of mountaineering endeavors, where even the most subtle variations in climbing conditions can wield significant influence over the outcome of an expedition.
We will keep you updated on their expedition!



Kirstie Ennis

Kirstie made it safely to Camp Four around 5:30pm (Nepal Time)
It was a long, hard-fought climb and the team was annihilated by wind.
Kirstie, Anup, and Kami are resting and recharging before heading to the summit!



Jess Wedel

For a world without ovarian cancer.

For dreaming things that seem impossible.

For Britt, Darci, and Caroline.

For the gift of living.

For my Any Mountain team of survivors, doctors, caregivers – who changed my life. I tried our song on the summit but I’ll need some help finishing it. (Not so sure I ever remembered the words at normal altitudes, much less the top of Everest ☺️)

And for my momma, the original dreamer.

I’m safely back at base camp after a brutal 7 days on the mountain. The sickness that’s been moving through base camp hit me at camp 2. I struggled up and I struggled down. 0/10 recommend climbing Everest sick. Headed quickly back to Kathmandu for a doctor and some healing but can’t wait to share more.

I am beyond grateful!



Stefi Troguet

The harsh reality.

I just got back from my 2nd rotation. And it didn’t go as I expected.
I’ve been sick for many days with a virus and an inhuman cough, but as I climbed higher it got worse.
After 2 nights in Camp2 & 1 night in Camp3 (7050m) I tried to climb as high as possible. I could only reach 7350m.
I went down to Camp2 to rest for a day and try again, and the coughing got even worse.
Today I came down to Base Camp crying… Seeing how my body is not responding due to the virus & the cough… And seeing frustrated how my dream is slipping away from me.



Ben Jones

We will be heading up for our summit attempt tomorrow night! The forecast is looking great and we are excited!



Ryan Waters

Time to climb! Looking forward to getting after it, Everest/Lhotse summit push is underway. @mountainprofessionals teams have already begun the climbs at various stages and part of the team is in camp two.



Ryan O’Sullivan

After 13 days of resting, recovering and waiting for a summit window we finally have one. We will leave tomorrow night at midnight for our summit rotation. All going well we will be back in basecamp in 7 days with a successful summit.



Furtenbach Adventures

Our Everest Expedition team and our Lhotse Expedition team arrived in their Camp 4



Craig Hunter

Unfortunately, my journey to the summit took an unexpected turn the other night, but I’m not giving up just yet. I will now be leaving on the 18th in the hopes of reaching the summit around the 23rd.

I encountered a challenging obstacle on the Khumbu Icefall, and my progress was halted due to a sudden bout of “jelly belly” that resurfaced.

Returning to basecamp turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as powerful winds have unexpectedly swept through the mountain. These fierce gusts have caused issues in the higher camps, resulting in a log-jam and forcing some climbers to retreat to lower altitudes to avoid frostbite until the winds calm down.

Although setbacks are discouraging, I’m determined to conquer this mountain for the @thermcharity.



Mountain Professionals

Well the time has come, to leave the comforts of Basecamp at Everest. The mountains are now calling us upwards and the weather is looking favorable.

Part of our team is already in Camp Two on the way toward Lhotse in a couple days! @lonnie.r.bedwell is already in Camp One with @bhill117 and staff on the way to Camp Two tomorrow. The rest of the team depart in the early morning direct for Camp Two.

Our Sherpa climbing team also departs in the morning after a needed rest from equipping the highest camp! Stay tuned for updates…



Everest News

According to sources, a Sherpa climber tragically passed away during the descent from the summit of Mount Everest. The Nepal Army confirmed that Phurba Sherpa from Sankhuwasabha met his untimely demise near the Yellow Band, located above Camp III. Phurba Sherpa was actively involved in the Nepal Army Mountain Clean-up campaign. In another incident, a military officer, Captain Dipendra Singh Khatri of the Nepal Army, fell ill above 8,000 meters while descending from the summit. Fortunately, a team of Sherpa climbers is currently engaged in rescuing him, as reported by sources at the base camp. After returning from the peak of the world, Captain Dipendra Singh Khatri found himself unable to progress below the south summit. Both Sherpa and Khatri were part of the Mountain Clean-up Campaign expedition led by Lieutenant Colonel Kishor Adhikari. The exact cause of Phurba Sherpa’s passing remains unknown.